Pairs Category

At selected events we offer a pairs category. Dancers use own choreography and will perform at the same time as other competitors to a piece of music selected by the DJ on the day. We suggest a 16 bar repeatable routine.

Please see below rules for entering pairs events

  • The age category is determined by the eldest of the two dancers. Proof of age maybe required
  • No gymnastics or stunts are allowed.  Dancers are not permitted to perform seated choreography during the pairs section. (Kneeling and crouching permitted) Please consider the safety of the other competitors on the dance floor when selecting choreography.
  • Our qualified scrutineer will use the ‘skating system’ to analyse the adjudicators marks. Six pairs will be selected from preliminary rounds into a final round. All finalists will be presented with a trophy at our prize presentation. Occasionally you may see 5, 7 or 8 pairs in a final. This is sometimes the outcome when using this form of marks analysis.
  • The adjudicators decision will be final
  • First names and dance schools of all of competition finalists will be published on our website. Should this be a problem for any individual, please speak to your dance teacher who can request that we do not publish the dancers name.