Set Routine Solo Events

In the set routine solo events, dancers can select from a choice of five set routines. The routines vary in difficulty with Dance 1 being the easiest and Dance 5 being the most difficult. The set routines are available in the ‘teachers’ section of the website.

All dancers entering a set routine solo event will receive a medal & ribbon for taking part

Please see below rules for entering set routine solo events

  • Please refer to individual competition sheets for details on how many set routine solos a dancer may enter on each competition day (this depends on what other events they might wish to enter)
  • If eligible to enter more than one set solo routine, the routines must be consecutive levels i.e. 1&2 2&3 3&4 4&5
  • The first round of the set routine solo events will be taken in the following order – Dance 2, Dance 4, Dance 1, Dance 3, Dance 5.
  • Dancers should enter the dance level most suited to their ability and teachers should encourage progression through the levels.
  • Dancers must compete in the correct age category and proof of age should be available if required.
  • Our qualified scrutineer will use the ‘skating system’ to analyse the adjudicators marks. Six dancers will be selected from preliminary rounds into a final round. All finalists will be presented with a trophy at our prize presentation. Occasionally you may see 5, 7 or 8 dancers in a final. This is sometimes the outcome when using this form of marks analysis.
  • The adjudicators decision will be final
  • Dancers are permitted to perform a few motions of their own choice during the introduction of the music.
  • It is understood that there might be a slight difference in interpretation but routines should be matched as closely as possible to how they are shown on the email link.
  • First names and dance schools of all competition finalists will be announced during the prize presentation. Should this be a problem for any individual, please speak to your dance teacher who can request that we do not announce the name
  • First names and dance schools of all of competition finalists will be published on our website. Should this be a problem for any individual, please speak to your dance teacher who can request that we do not publish the dancers name.
    Qualified dance teachers may enter the solo events.
    If aged under 35 years please enter dance 4 or above and we respectfully ask that you compete with the 18 & over dancers.
    If aged 35 and over please enter dance 3 or above and you have the choice of competing either in 18 years & over or PARENTS
  • The Additional Support Needs section is offered to those with a mental health, physical or learning disability. To be eligible to compete in this section, dancers must be in receipt of an EHCP (Educational Health & Care Plan) and/or attend a SEN school.