Privacy Policy

Teacher’s Contact Information
To have access to our teaching materials, teachers must be registered on our members mailing list/database and the following information is collected.

  • Name of teacher
  • Name of dance school
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Consent to OPT-IN for promotional emails from us.

Any existing members will be emailed and asked to confirm that they OPT-IN to continue to receive emails from us.

How will the information be stored?
The data given by the teachers will be stored by Cheerdance UK.

Who will have access to this information?
The email address or telephone number might be used by the Cheerdance UK staff to contact the teacher to discuss bookings, entries and future events. The postal address might be used for sending event wristbands out when ordered.

When hosting a dance competition, the event organiser must register the event with the local children in entertainment authority for the area in which the event is taking place. Each area differs in requirements, however most request that we provide contact details for each of the dance schools attending. In this case we would have a legal obligation to pass on this information.

Other than to the above mentioned, teachers’ personal data will not be passed on to any third parties without prior permission from the teacher.


 Competitor Entry Information

In order for pupils to compete at a Cheerdance UK events, the dance school/teacher must collect and provide Cheerdance UK with some personal data regarding each individual dancer. This will include

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Events they wish to compete

In this situation, the dance school/teacher being the ones responsible for collecting this information, should have their own guidelines/policy in place which should outline how this data will be handled by themselves. It should also make clear that they intend to pass this data on to a third party (Cheerdance UK).

Please see details below on how we intend to use this information that you provide:
The data received will be processed and be securely stored on our Cheerdance UK computer

Each event will have a scrutineer that will be appointed to process the adjudicators’ marks. They will have access to the entry details so therefore will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose the information provided to any third parties.

The information will be sent, if requested to the local children in entertainment authority for the area in which the event will be taking place. This is a legal requirement.

All event finalists will be announced by first name and dance school when being presented with their prize. Their first name and dance school will also feature on our results page on our website. We have specified on our event guidelines that this will occur and that should anyone prefer for their name not to be announced or included on the web page that they make this known to us.

The information provided will not under any circumstances be passed on to any other parties other than those mentioned above.

Once the event has reached conclusion, Cheerdance UK will destroy/delete all personal data collected for that particular event.