Cheerdance UK Results Norbreck Castle January 2020

4 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Harriet (Rushby)

2nd Amelia (Rushby)

3rd Evie (Aim 2B Dance)

4th Olivia (Rhinestones)


5 Years Dance 1

1st Alyssia (Elite)

2nd Daisy (Rushby)

3rd Sasha (Rushby)

4th Bella (Elite)

5th Sophie (Elite)

6th Hope (Rushby)


6 Years Dance 1

1st Heidi (EL Cheer)

2nd Elizabeth (Aim2 B Dance)

3rd Maia (DWP)

4th Darcy (Elite)

5th Poppy (Elite)

6th Elsie (DWP)


7 Years Dance 1

1st Erin (Rushby)

2nd Rizwana (EL Cheer)

3rd Tilly-Mae (EL Cheer)

4th Darcie (Aim 2 B Dance)

5th Ruby (Inferno)

6th Macy (DWP)

7th Hope (Rushby)


8 Years Dance 1

1st Annabel (Rushby)

2nd Evie (EL Cheer)

3rd Lillie (Aim2B Dance)

4th Ella (DWP)

5th Ava (DWP)


9 Years Dance 1

1st Poppy (Rushby)

2nd Amira (EL Cheer)

3rd Madeleine (Rushby)

4th Libby (Topaz)

5th Olivia (DWP)

6th Jeren (EL Cheer)

7th Amelia (Aim2B Dance)


10 Years Dance 1

1st Polly (BDPA)

2nd Holly (Topaz)

3rd Loran (Topaz)

4th Jessica (Aim 2 B Dance)

5th Ella (SDFC)

6th Sofia (Rushby)


11 Years Dance 1

1st Lillie (Rushby)

2nd Grace (Rushby)

3rd Emily (DWP)

4th Molly (Inferno)


12/13 Years Dance 1

1st Sophie (Rushby)

2nd Laura (Rushby)

3rd Sarah (Inferno)

4th Phoebe (Inferno)

5th Rebecca (Inferno)

6th Rebecca (DWP)

7th Caitlin (Elite)


14 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Chloe (Topaz)

2nd Vicky (DWP)

3rd Sara (Inferno)

4th Jamie-Lee (Inferno)


14 Years & Over ASN Dance 1

1st Sophie (Inferno)


Parents Dance 1 (Morning)

1st Cheryl (Aim 2 B Dance)

2nd Clare (Elite)

3rd Sammy (EL Cheer)

4th Claire (Elite)

5th Shelley (ZTDA)

6th Leanne (EL Cheer)

7th Gemma (Elite)


Parents Dance 1 (Afternoon)

1st Marie (Phoebix Rising)

2nd Kelly (Aim2B)

3rd Angie (Rushby)

4th Aimee (Phoenix Rising)

5th Jennifer (Phoenix Rising)

6th Mo (Inferno)

7th Jo (Rushby)


5 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Alyssia (Elite)

2nd Sasha (Rushby)

3rd Bella (Elite)

4th Sienna-Rose (ZTDA)

5th Daisy (Rushby)

6th Harriet (Rushby)


6 Years Dance 2

1st Heidi (EL Cheer)

2nd Maia (DWP)

3rd Elsie (DWP)

4th Darcy (Elite)

5th Poppy (Elite)

6th Poppy (EL Cheer)

7th Elizabeth (Aim 2B Dance(


7 Years Dance 2

1st Ava (Rushby)

2nd Jessie (Rushby)

3rd Erin (Rushby)

4th Chloe (Dance with Passion)

5th Tilly-Mae (EL Cheer)


8 Years Dance 2

1st Annabel (Rushby)

2nd Lilly (Rhinestones)

3rd Kayla (Rushby)

4th Lillie (Aim 2 B Dance)

5th Ella (DWP)

6th Lola (DWP)


9 Years Dance 2

1st Isabelle (Rushby)

2md Freya (Rushby)

3rd Poppy (Rushby)

4th Abigail (Rhinestones)

5th Beatrice (ZTDA)

6th Ellie (BPDA)

7th Poppy (Rushby)


10 Years Dance 2

1st Lexie (Inferno)

2nd Isabelle (Rushby)

3rd Pixie (Phoenix Rising)

4th Soraya (Rhinestones)

5th Poppy (BPDA)


11 Years Dance 2

1st Mya (Topaz)

2nd Lewis (Phoenix Rising)

3rd Grace (Rushby)

4th Mia (SDFC)

5th Lillie (Rushby)

6th Ella (Topaz)


12 Years Dance 2

1st Brooke (Carlova)

2nd Lucy (Carlova)

3rd Aeryn (Phoenix Rising)

4th Jasmine (DWP)

5th Emily (Elite)

6th Lily (Elite)

7th Amba (DWP)


13 Years Dance 2

1st Lexi (Inferno)

2nd Daisy-May (Inferno)

3rd Sophie (Rushby)

4th Finley (DWP)

5th Amelia (EL Cheer)

6th Megan (DWP)

7th Sarah (Inferno)


14 Years Dance 2

1st Chloe (Topaz)

2nd Lucia (topaz)

3rd Ellie (DWP)

4th Janie-Lee (Inferno)


15 Years Dance 2

1st Katie (Topaz)

2nd Ellie (Phoenix Rising)

3rd Ellie (RDS)

4th Jeanie (RDS)

5th Sara (Inferno)

6th Vicky (DWP)


16 Years & Over Dance 2

1st Emily (Topaz)

2nd Ymi (Topaz)

3rd Tia (EL Cheer)

4th Sophie (Inferno)


Parents Dance 2 (Morning)

1st Laura (EL Cheer)

2nd Maxine (EL Cheer)

3rd Cheryl (Aim 2 B Dance)

4th Denise (NL Cheer)

5th Charlotte (EL Cheer)

6th Jennifer (Phoenix Rising)

7th Amanda (NL Cheer)


Parents Dance 2 (Afternoon)

1st Marie (Phoenix Rising)

2nd Kelly (Aim 2 B Dance)

3rd Aimee (Phoenix Rising)

4th Angie (Rushby)

5th Leah (Inferno)


7 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Ava (Rushby)

2nd Jessie (Rushby)

3rd Pippa (Elite)

4th Alexa (ZTDA)

5th Rizwana (EL Cheer)


8 Years Dance 3

1st Maya (DWP)

2nd Lilly (Rhinestones)

3rd Kayla (Rushby)

4th Liberty (ZDTA)

5th Evie (EL Cheer)

6th Martha (DWP)

7th Bella (EL Cheer)

8th Lucy (EL Cheer)


9 Years Dance 3

1st Isabelle (Rushby)

2nd Freya (Rushby)

3rd Beatrice (ZTDA)

4th Amira (EL Cheer)

5th Eva (Elite)


10 Years Dance 3

1st Elliot (Rushby)

2nd Juliet (WY Dance)

3rd Erin (Rushby)

4th Bailey (EL Cheer)

5th Isabelle (Rushby)


11 Years Dance 3

1st Mya (Topaz)

2nd Mabel (Rushby)

3rd Macy (Elite)

4th Lewis (Phoenix Rising)

5th Olivia (BDPA)


12 Years Dance 3

1st Darcey (Inferno)

2nd Shayna (Rushby)

3rd Lily (Rushby)

4th Ruby (DWP)

5th Jasmine (DWP)

6th Brooke (Carlova)

7th Aeryn (Phoenix Rising)

8th Madison (Aim2B Dance)


13 Years Dance 3

1st Madison (Elite)

2nd Daisy-May (Inferno)

3rd Ellie-May (DWP)

4th Izzy (DWP)

5th Evie (DWP)

6th Emily (Carlova)


14 Years Dance 3

1st Tianne (DWP)
2nd Paige (DWP)

3rd Amy (DWA)

4th Leigha (DWA)

5th Ella (SDFC)

6th Ellie (DWP)


15 Years Dance 3

1st Hannah (elite)

2nd Ella (DWP)

3rd Aimee (DWP)

4th Ellie (Rhinestones)

5th Amelia (DWP)
16 & 17 Years Dance 3

1st Harriet (DWP)
2nd Sophie (Topaz)

3rd Emily (Topaz)

4th Holly ( EL Cheer)

5th Lucy (AIM2B)
6th Erin (DWP)

7th Millie (Rhinestones)


18 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Jessica (Aim2B)

2nd Ellie (RDS_ 3rd Ellie ( Aim2B)
4th Ymi (Topaz)

5th Tyoni (EL Cheer)

6th Georgina (Inferno)


Parents Dance 3 (Morning)

1st Laura (EL Cheer)

2nd Louisa (Phoenix)

3rd Maxine (EL Cheer)

4th Clare (Elite)

5th Marie (Phoenix Rising) tie with Charlotte (EL Cheer) tie with Denise (NL Cheer)


Parents Dance 3 (Afternoon)

1st Cheryl (Phoenix Rising)

2nd Kira (Rushby)

3rd Nadine (Inferno)

4th Leah (Inferno)


7 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Sienna (NL Cheer)

2nd Summer (Elite)

3rd Pippa (Elite)

4th Gaby (Elite)

5th Harriet (EL Cheer)


8/9 Years Dance 4

1st Mia (NL Cheer) tie with Tia (SDFC)

3rd Elouise (Aim 2 B Dance)

4th Martha (DWP)

5th Eva (Elite)

6th Maya (DWP)


10 Years Dance 4

1st Erin (Rushby)

2nd Mia (NL Cheer)

3rd Juliet (WY Cheer)

4th Bailey (EL Cheer)

5th Lily (NL Cheer)

6th Maisie (Aim 2B Dance)

7th Pixie (Phoenix Rising)


11 Years Dance 4

1st Georgia (SDFC)

2nd Vanessa (Elite)

3rd Mabel (Rushby)

4th Milla (DWP)

5th Natasha (ZTDA)

6th Abbey (Rhinestones)


12 Years Dance 4

1st Shayna (Rushby)

2nd Darcey (Inferno)

3rd Kasi (NL Cheer)

4th Lily (Rushby)

5th Aeryn (Phoenix Rising)

6th Sophie (BDPA)

7th Amba (DWP)

8th Jessica (Carlova)


13 Years Dance 4

1st Madison (Elite) tie with Bethany (Rushby)

3rd Jessica (Elite)

4th Zoe (NL Cheer)

5th Abbie (NL Cheer)


14 Years Dance 4

1st Honey (DWP)

2nd Keira (Elite)

3rd Bethany (Elite)

4th Lucia (Topaz)

5th Paige (DWP)

6th Lily (Elite)

7th Philipa (Aim2B)


15 Years Dance 4

1st Lola (Elite)

2nd Kate (DWP)

3rd Ellie (NL Cheer)

4th Freya ( DWP)

5th Amber (DWP)

6th Ella (Elite)


16 Years Dance 4

1st Daisy (Rushby)

2nd Emily (DWP)

3rd Lucy (Aim2B)

4th Hayley (NL Cheer)

5th Harriet (DWP)

6th Erin (DWP)


17 Years Dance 4

1st Amber (Elite)

2nd Millie (Elite)

3rd Holly (E L Cheer)

4th Louise (Aim2B)

5th Hannah (Rhinestones)

6th Millie (Aim2B)

7th Kiera (Rhinestones)


18 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Megan (Rushby)

2nd Lucy (Ruchby)

3rd Leam (Elite)

4th Jessica (Aim2B)

5th Ellie (Aim2B)
6th Tyoni (EL Cheer)


Parents Dance 4

1st Lisa (NL Cheer)

2nd Laura (EL Cheer)

3rd Louisa (Phoenix Rising)

4th Kira (Rushby)

5th Lindsay (NL Cheer)

6th Kate (Phoenix Rising)


8/9 Years Dance 5

1st Tayla May (ZTDA)

2nd Tia (SDFC)

3rd Mia (NL Cheer)

4th Georgia (SDFC)


10/11 Years Dance 5

1st Mia (NL Cheer)

2nd Georgia (SDFC)

3rd Chloe (SDFC)

4th Bailey (EL Cheer)

5th Macy (Elite)


12/13 Years Dance 5

1st Bethany (Rushby)

2nd Jessica (Elite)

3rd Madison (Elite)

4th Abbie (NL Cheer)

5th Zoe (NL Cheer)

6th Brooke (Carlova)


14/15 Years Dance 5

1st Kate ( DWP)
2nd Lola (Elite)
3rd Freya (DWP)

4th Honey (DWP)
5th Keira (Elite)


16/17 Years Dance 5

1st daisy (Rushby)

2nd Emily (DWP)
3rd Millie (Elite)

4th Amber (Elite)

5th Holly (EL Cheer)

6th Hayley (NL Cheer)


18 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Megan (Rushby)

2nd Korey (Aim2B)
3rd Lucy(Rushby)

4th Emily (Aim2b)

5th Tyoni (EL Cheer)

6th Emma (EL Cheer)

7th Amara (EL Cheer)


Parents Dance 5 (Morning)

1st Lisa (NL Cheer)

2nd Cheryl (Phoenix Rising)

3rd Lindsay (NL Cheer) tie with Louisa (Phoenix Rising)

5th Kate (Phoenix Rising)


5 Years & Under Cheer Fusion

1st Evie (Aim 2 B Dance)


6 & 7 Years Cheer Fusion

1st Jessica (Carlova)

2nd Elizabeth  (Aim2 B Dance)

3rd Jasmyn (BDPA)

4th Holly (BDPA)

5th Elsie (SDFC)

6th Kayla (Aim2B Dance)


8 & 9 Years Cheer Fusion

1st Tia (SDFC)

2nd Tayla May (ZTDA)

3rd Elouise (Aim2B Dance)

4th Liberty (ZTDA)

5th Abigail (Rhinestones)

6th Ellie (BDPA)

7th Lillie (Aim 2 B Dance)

8th Isabella (SDFC)


10 & 11 years Cheer Fusion

1st Elliot (Rushby)

2nd Mya (Topaz)

3rd Olivia (BDPA)

4th Olivia (BDPA)

5th Katie (SDFC)

6th Ella (Topaz)


12-13 years Cheer Fusion

1st Jasmine (Aim 2 B Dance)

2nd Sophie (BDPA)

3rd Chyna (Rhinestones)

4th Emma (Aim 2 B Dance)

5th Thalia (Aim 2 B Dance)

6th Olivia (Aim 2 B Dance)

7th Emily (Carlova)


14 Years & Over Cheer Fusion

1st Emily (Aim2B)

2nd Korey (Aim2b)

3rd Philipa (AIM2B)

4th Louise (Aim2B)

5th Katie (Topaz)

6th Ellie (RDS)

7th Lucia (Topaz)


Parents Cheer Fusion

1st Kelly (Aim 2 B Dance)

2nd Kate (Phoenix Rising)

3rd Cheryl (Aim 2 B Dance)

4th Kimberley (Aim 2 B Dance)

5th Sarah (Phoenix Rising)


5 Years & Under Pairs

1st Sasha & Daisy (Rushby)

2nd Alyssia & Bella (Elite)

3rd Bella & Cora (DWP)

4th Hope & Amelia (Rushby)


6 & 7 Years Pairs

1st Pippa & Summer (Elite)

2nd Erin & Jessie (Rushby)

3rd Amelia & Partner (DWP)

4th Maia & Elsie (DWP)

5th Darcie & Evie (Aim 2 B Dance)

6th Darcy & Sophie (Elite)

7th Hope & Jessica (Rushby)


8 Years Pairs

1st Ava & Kayla (Rushby)

2nd Mia & Sienna (NL Cheer)

3rd Liberty & Alexa (ZDTA)

4th Maya & Martha (DWP)

5th Lilly & Gracie (Rhinestones)

6th Lola & Macy (DWP)


9 Years Pairs

1st Isabelle & Poppy (Rushby)

2nd Beatrice & Tayla May (ZTDA)

3rd Poppy & Partner (Rushby)

4th Katie & Lacey (Rhinestones)

5th Amelia & Isla (Aim 2 B Dance)

6th Madeleine & Matilda (Rushby)


10 Years Pairs

1st Erin & Elliott (Rushby)

2nd Lily & Mia (NL Cheer)

3rd Isabelle & Annabel (Rushby)

4th Maisie & Eloise (Aim 2 B Dance)

5th Loran & Jessica (Topaz)

6th Soraya & Lexi-Leigh (Rhinestones)


11 Years Pairs

1st Grace & Lillie (Rushby)

2nd Georgia & Chloe (SDFC)

3rd Juliet & Taylor (WY Cheer)

4th Milla & Lottie (DWP)

5th Mia & Georgia (SDFC) tie with Natasha & Olivia (ZTDA)


12-13 Years Pairs

1st Izzy & Ellie-May (DWP)

2nd Bethany & Shayna (Rushby)

3rd Abbie & Kasi (NL Cheer)

4th Lily (Rushby)

5th Katie (NL Cheer)

6th Daisy-May (Inferno)


14 & 15 Years Pairs

1st Amelia and Honey ( DWP)

2nd Ella and Lola (Elite)

3rd Catherine (DWP)

4th Ellie and zoe (NL Cheer)

5th Lily and Bethany (Elite)

6th Karis and Chloe (Rhinestones)


16 & 17 Years Pairs

1st Emily and Kate (DWP)

2nd Millie and Hannah (Elite)

3rd Keira and Madison (Elite)

4th Grace and Hamet (DWP)

5th Hayley and Jodi (NL Cheer)

6th Tianne and Sophie (DWP)
18 Years & Over Pairs

1st Megan and Lucy (Rushby)

2nd Korey and Emily (Aim2B)

3rd Daisy and Kira (Rushby)

4th Ellie and Millie (aim2B)

5th Ymi and Emily (Topaz)

6th Emily and Leigha (DWA)