Squad Event

In the squad event, dancers perform their own choreography. Each squad has their own allocated time slot to perform their routine

Please see below rules for entering squad events

  • The age category for the squad is determined by the oldest member. Proof of age may be required.
  • Music must be brought to the event on a CD clearly labelled with the squad name and age category.
  • The duration for the small squad category (12 dancers or less) must not exceed 2 minutes.
  • The duration for the large squad category (13 dancers or more) must not exceed 3 minutes
  • All choreography and music should be appropriate for the age of the squad and the audience.
  • Teachers/Coaches are asked not to stand in front of squads when they are dancing unless they are of an age that require guidance
  • Stunts, tumbling and any gymnastic manoeuvres where both feet are raised above the height of the head are not permitted (i.e. cartwheels, walkovers etc)
  • No props or equipment are permitted in any competition category.
  • When there are 7 or less entries in a squad section, this will be danced as a final and each squad will be placed. When there are 8 or more entries in a squad section, we will try to split the event into two categories based on the numbers performing in each squad.
  • The winning squad will be presented with a cup and each member will receive a trophy. ¬†All runners up will receive a Cheerdance UK plaque. At the major Blackpool events, the winning squad will also receive a roll of honour certificate showing all previous winners of that category.
  • For the small squad category, a minimum of 6 dancers is preferred however a minimum of 4 dancers will be accepted should injury/illness arise
  • Qualified dance teachers are permitted to take part in the squad event
  • The adjudicators decision will be final