Cheerdance UK Results Wythenshawe September 2019

4 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Harriet – Rushby

2nd Sofia – GDS Gems

3rd Evie – Unity Dance

4th Halle – Elite

5th Evie – Sandersons

6th Rosie – GDS Gems

7th Indie – Rhinestones


5 Years Dance 1

1st Chloe – Rushby

2nd Devyn – Rushby

3rd Sasha – Rushby

4th Poppy – Unity Dance

5th Alyssia – Elite

6th Bella – Elite


6 Years Dance 1

1st Joseph – GDS Gems

2nd Hollie – Dance Unity

3rd Hope – Rushby

4th Holly – Unity Dance

5th Layla – GDS Gems

6th Brooke – Danceworxx


7 Years Dance 1

1st Jessie – Rushby

2nd Olivia – DAPA

3rd Ivy – Danceworxx

4th Darcie – Unity Dance

5th Freya – Fusion

6th Lexi – DAPA


8 Years Dance 1

1st Poppy- Rushby

2nd Ava- Rushby

3rd Millie Mae- Rushyby

4th Madeleine- Rushby

5th Caitlyn- Unity Dance

6th Emilee- Fusion

7th Alex- GDS Gems


9 Years Dance 1

1st Tilly- Fusion

2nd Grace- DAPA

3rd Maisie- Kreativ

4th Ebony- Fusion

5th Kasey- Kreativ

6th Brooke- Kreativ


8/9 Years ASN Dance 1

1st Ellie- Danceworxx


10 Years Dance 1

1st Leila- Fusion

2nd Simran- Fusion

3rd Emily- Kreativ

4th Jade- Danceworxx

5th Eve- Karela Dance


11 Years Dance 1

1st Olivia- ZTDA

2nd Amy- Kreativ

3rd Aliesha- Fusion

4th Scarlett- Fusion

5th Kacey- Fusion

6th Alysha- Kreativ


12 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Erica- Kreativ

2nd Holly- D & K

3rd Preeti- Fusion


Parents Dance 1 (Morning)

1st Clare- Elite

2nd Debra Kreativ

3rd Annabel- Rushby

4th Joanne- Fusion

5th Hayley- Unity Dance

6th Michelle- Fusion

7th Emily- Danceworxx


Parents Dance 1 (Afternoon)

1st Paula- elite

2nd Louis- Elite

3rd Angie- Rushby

4th Sarah- Elite

5th Laura- Kreativ

6th Jyoti- Karela Dance



4 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Harriet – Rushby

2nd Sofia – GDS Gems

3rd Evie – Unity Dance

4th Evie – Sandersons

5th Rosie – GDS Gems

6th Indie – Rhinestones


5 Years Dance 2

1st Chloe – Rushby

2nd Sasha – Rushby

3rd Devyn – Rushby

4th Poppy – Unity Dance

5th Alyssia – Elite

6th Bella – Elite

7th Amelia – Unity Dance


6 Years Dance 2

1st Ava – Rushby

2nd Joseph – GDS Gems

3rd Hope – Rushby

4th Holly – Unity Dance

5th Rosie – Kreativ

6th Emily – Just Dance


7 Years Dance 2

1st Jessie – Rushby

2nd Pippa – Elite

3rd Lexi – DAPA

4th Gaby – Elite

5th Kiera – Danceworxx

6th Olivia – DAPA


8 Years Dance 2

1st Isabelle- Rushby

2nd Poppy- Rushby

3rd Ava- Rushby

4th Millie Mae- Rushby

5th Beatrice- ZTDA

6th Lucy- Emma Louise Cheer

7th Caitlyn- Unity Dance

8th Lexi- Danceworxx


9 Years Dance 2

1st Freya- Rushby

2nd Juliet- The Shadows

3rd Kahlan- Rhinestones

4th Lola- Rhinestones

5th Tilly- Fusion

6th Eve- GDS Gems

7th Bella- Rhinestones


10 Years Dance 2

1st Daniel- Kreativ

2nd Ava- Unity Dabce

3rd Phoebe- Unity Dance

4th Leila- Fusion

5th Rhian- DCDA

6th Jenson- Jelly Dance


11 Years Dance 2

1st Porcha- Danceworxx

2nd Emily- Unity Dance

3rd Jessica- D & K

4th Lexi- Unity Dance

5th Ruby D & K

6th Millie- Unity Dance



12 Years Dance 2

1ST Evie- Kreativ

2nd Lily- Unity

3rd Emily- Carolova

4th Emily- Elite

5th Holly – D & K



13 Years Dance 2

1st Amy- Rushby

2nd Ruby- Kreativ

3rd Abigail- Unity

4th Erica- Kreativ

5th Sabeena- Karela Dance


14 Years & Over Dance 2

1st JAmielee- GDS Gems

2nd Felicity- Fusion

3rd Rebecca – Fusion

4th Amanda Fusion

5th Chantelle- Unity Dance

6th Jamie- DCDA


Parents Dance 2 (Morning)

1st Clare- Elite

2nd Debra- Kreativ

3rd Joanne- Fusion

4th Annabel- Rushby

5th Laura- Emma Louise Cheer

6th Natasha- Unity Dance


Parents Dance 2 (Afternoon)

1st Kellie- Rushby

2nd Paula- Elite

3rd Louise- elite

4th Sarah- Elite

5th Rebecca- Karela Dance

6th Denise- NL Cheer


7 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Ava – Rushby

2nd Pippa – Elite

3rd Summer – Elite

4th Dulcie – Unity Dance

5th Evie – GDS Gems

6th Amelia – GDS Gems

7th Darcey – Unity Dance


8 Years Dance 3

1st Isabelle- Rushby

2nd Beatrice- ZTDA

3rd Eva- Elite

4th Tayla May- ZTDA

5th Amira- Emma Louise Cheer


9 Years Dance 3

1st Freya- Rushby

2nd Juliet- The Shadows

3rd Katie SDFC BB

4th Poppy- Rushby

5th Eve GDS Gems

6th Kahlan- Rhinestones

7th Emily- Rhinestones


10 Years Dance 3

1st Evelyn – Rushby

2nd Elliot- Rushby

3rd Daniel- Kreativ

4th Taylor- The Shadows

5th Bailey- Emma Louise Cheer


11 Years Dance 3

1st Lily- Rushby

2nd Daisy- Rhinestones

3rd Lily- DCDA

4th Porcha- Danceworxx

5th Ellica- Emma Louise Cheer

6th Millie- Unity Dance


12  Years Dance 3

1st Daisy- Rhinestones

2nd Jessic- Elite

3rd Shayana- Rushby

4th Erin- Unity Dance

5th Danielle ZTDA

6th Lily- Unity Dance


13 Years Dance 3

1st Olivia- Rushby

2nd Elouise- Rushby

3rd Ruby- Kreativ

4th Amy- Rushby

5th Ruby- Unity Dance

6th Amelia- EL Cheer


14 Years Dance 3

1st Amanda- Fusion

2nd Emma- NL Cheer

3rd Felicity- Fusion

4th Jamielee- GDS Gems

5th Jamie- DCDA

6th Lucy- Kreativ

7th Kadie- Jelly Dance


15 Years Dance 3

1st Lola Elite

2nd Alice- Unity Dance

3rd Isobel- Fusion

4th Mya- Jelly Dance

5th Emily- Jelly Dance

6th Emma- Karela Dance


16 Years Dance 3

1st Chantelle- Unity Dance

2nd Rebecca- Fusion

3rd Megan- Kreativ

4th Dylan- Jelly Dance

5th Poppy- Kreativ

6th Hannah- Jelly Dance


17 Years Dance 3

1st Millie- Elite

2nd Rachel- D & K

3rd Caitlin- Kreativ


18 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Lewis- Kreativ

2nd- Georgina- D & K

3rd Tyoni- Emma Louise Cheer

4th Shannon- NL Cheer

5th Jessica- Unity Dance

6th Hannah- Karela Dance

7th Tia- Emma Louise Cheer


Parents Dance 3 (Morning)

1st Rebecca- Fusion

2nd Teare- Unity Dance

3rd Natasha- Unity Dance

4th Laura- Emma Louise Cheer

5th Sian- Unity Dance

6th Charlotte- Emma Louise Cheer


Parents Dance 3 (Afternoon)

1st Emma- Emma Louise Cheer

2nd Kellie- Rushby

3rd Charlotte- Karela Dance

4th Anne- Rushby

5th Kira- Rushby

6th Rebecca- Karela Dance

7th Emma- Elite

7 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Summer – Elite

2nd Dulcie – Unity Dance

3rd Ella – Unity Dance

4th Darcy – Unity Dance

5th Bonnie – Unity Dance

6th Darcey – Unity Dance


8/9 Years Dance 4

1st Eva- Elite

2nd Tia- SDFC BB

3rd Lilly- GDS Gems

4th Abigail- GDS Gems

5th Lexi- DCDA

6th Megan GDS Gems

7th Faryll- NL Cheer

8th Ava- GDS Gems


10 Years Dance 4

1st Ava- Elite

2nd Evelyn- Rushby

3rd Ruby – NL Cheer

4th Bailey- Emma Louise Cheer

5th Natasha- ZTDA


11 Years Dance 4

1st Lily- Rushby

2nd Kasi- NL Cheer

3rd Vanessa- Elite

4th Monet- Kreativ

5th Daisy- Rhinestones

6th Ellica- Emma Louise Cheer


12 Years Dance 4

1st Tayah-Jo- ZTDA

2nd Katie- NL Cheer

3rd Alivia- ZTDA

4th Jessica- Elite

5th Caysie- Elite and Daisy- Rhinestones


13 Years Dance 4

1st  Olivia- Rushby

2nd Abbie -NL Cheer

3rd Elouide- Rushby

4th Ruby- UNITY

5th Karis- Unity Dance

6th Amelia- EL Cheer

7th Mya- DCDA

8th Erin- Unity Dance


14 Years Dance 4

1st Ellie- NL Cheer

2nd Keira- Elite

3rd Bethany- Elite

4th Chloe- Rhinestones

5th Emma- NL Cheer

6th Lucy-Kreativ

7th Leigha- Danceworxx

8th Kadie- Jelly Dance



15 Years Dance 4

1st Lola- Elite

2nd Lily- Unity Dance

3rd Ella- Elite

4th Hannah- Unity Dance

5th Lily- Elite


16 Years Dance 4

1st Charlotte- Unity Dance

2nd Darcy- Unity Dance

3rd Hayley- NL Cheer

4th Megan- Kreativ

5th Dylan- Jelly Dance

6th Tameka- Jelly Dance


17 Years Dance 4

1st Millie- Elite

2nd Rachel- D & K

3rd Caitlin- Kreativ

4th Hannah- Rhinestones

5th Beth- Rhinestones


18 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Megan- Rushby

2nd Hannah- Elite

3rd Ellie-Mae- Rushby

4th Lucy- Rushby

5th Lucie- DAPA

6th Tyoni – Emma Louise Cheer

7th Lewis- Kreativ


Parents Dance 4 (Morning)

1st Linsay- NL Cheer

2nd Teare- Unity Dance

3rd Sian- Unity Dance


Parents Dance 4 (Afternoon)

1st Emma- Emma Louise Cheer

2nd Kira- Rushby

3rd Anne- Rushby



8/9 Years Dance 5

1st Tia_ SDFC BB

2nd LILLY- GDS Gems

3rd Abigail- GDS Gems

4th Ava- GDS Gems

5th Hannah- GDS Gems


10/11 Years Dance 5

1st  Ava- Elite

2nd Vanessa- Elite


4th Ruby- NL Cheer

5th Lilly- Elite

6th Imogen- Elite

7th Megan- GDS Gems

8th Alanna- DCDA


12/13 Years Dance 5

1st Liliana- ZTDA

2nd Abbie- NL Cheer

3rd Katie- NL Cheer

4th Phoebe- UNITY Dance

5th Izzy- Encore

6th Hannah- Unity Dance


14/15 Years Dance 5

1st Lily- Elite

2nd Ellie- NL Cheer

3rd Keira- Elite

4th Lily- Unity Dance

5th Ella- Elite

6th Bethany- Elite


16/17 Years Dance 5

1st Hayley- NL Cheer

2nd Charlotte- UNITY Dance

3rd Darcy- UNITY Dance

4th Hannah- Rhinestones

5th Tameka- Jelly Dance

6th Beth- Rhinestones

7th Megan- Rhinestones


18 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Megan- Rushby

2nd Hannah- Elite

3rd Lucie- DAPA

4th Taylore SDFC

Parents Dance 5

1st Linsay- NL Cheer

2nd Rebecca Fusion



5 Years & Under Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Gracie – GDS Gems

2nd Ella – Danceworxx

3rd Ava – Unity Dance

4th Evie – Sandersons

5th Imogen – Karela

6th Ella – Unity Dance


6/7 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Ivy – Danceworxx

2nd Liberty – ZTDA

3rd Hollie – Dance Unity

4th Kiera – Danceworxx

5th Brooke – Danceworxx

6th Phoebe – Danceworxx

7th Millie – GDS Gems



8/9 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Tia- SDFC BB

2nd Tayla May- ZTDA

3rd Katie SDFC BB

4th Emily- Carlova

5th Hannah- GDS Gems

6th Ellie- Danceworxx

7th India- GDS Gems



10/11 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Elliot- Rushby

2nd Natasha ZTDA

3rd Ruby- NL Cheer

4th Emily- Unity Dance

5th Taylor- The Shadows

6th Olivia- Just Dance


12/13 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Lilliana – ZTDA

2nd Izzy- Encore

3rd Tayah- Jo- ZTDA

4th Alivia- ZTDA

5th Ebony- Carlova

6th Danielle- ZTDA


14 Years & Over Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Lucy- Rushby

2nd Ellie-Mae Rushvby

3rd Lucie DAPA

4th Ellie- NL Cheer

5th Jamielee- GDS Gems

6th Leigha- Danceworks Altrincham


Parents Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Mellissa- Danceworxx

2nd Catherine- Karela Dance

3rd Lisa- Danceworxx

4th Emily- Danceworxx

5th Janine- Danceworxx

6th Olivia- Karela Dance

7th Noelle- Karela Dance


Parent Cheer Fusion Solo (Afternoon)

1st Rebecca- Karela Dance



5 Years & Under Pairs

1st Sasha & Partner – Rushby

2nd Bella & Partner – Elite

3rd Harriet & Partner – Rushby

4th Amelia & Partner – Unity Dance

5th Sofia& Partner – GDS Gems

6th Amber & Partner – Karela

7th Ava & Partner – Unity Dance


6 Years Pairs

1st Poppy& Partner – Unity Dance

2nd Layla & Partner – GDS Gems

3rd Alexa & Partner – Just Dance

4th Hope & Partner – Rushby

5th Poppy& Partner – Emma Louise Cheer

6th Sienna & Partner – NL Cheer

7th Darcy & Partner – Elite


7 Years Pairs

1st Ava & Partner – Rushby

2nd Pippa& Partner – Elite

3rd Dulcie & Partner – Unity Dance

4th Ella & Partner – Unity Dance

5th Lexi & Partner – DAPA

6th Amelia & Partner – GDS Gems


8 Years Pairs

1st Beatrice & Partner -ZTDA

2nd Madeline & Partner – Rushby

3rd Matilda & Partner- Rushby

4th Ava & Partner- Rushby

5th Chloe & Partner Unity Dance

6th India & Partner- GDS Gems


9 Years Pairs

1st Isabelle & Partner- Rushby

2nd Lilly & Partner- GDS Gems

3rd Eva & Partner-Elite

4th Olivia & Partner- GDS Gems

5th Abigail & Partner- Rhinestones


10 Years Pairs

1st Ava & Partner- Elite

2nd Poppy & Partner – Rushby

3rd Ava & Partner- Unity Dance

4th Taylor & Partner- The Shadows

5th Caitlin & Partner- DCDA

6th Kiana & Partner- NL Cheer

7th Sasha & Partner- Unity Dance


11 Years Pairs

1st Natasha & Partner_ ZTDA

2nd Jessica & Partner Elite

3rd Keira & Partner- Danceworxx

4th Milie & Partner Unity Dance

5th Ellica & Partner- Emma Louise Cheer

6th Emily & Partner- Unity Dance


12 Years Pairs

1st Evelyn & Partner- Rushby

2nd Phoebe & Partner- Unity Dance

3rd Alivia & Partner ZTDA

4th Liliana & Partner- ZTDA

5th Jessica & Partner- Elite

6th Daisy & Partner- Rhinestones

7th Caysie & Partner- Elite


13 Years Pairs

1st Olivia & Partner- Rushby

2nd Abbie & Partner- NL Cheer

3rd Ruby & Partner- Rushby

4th Amy & Partner- Rushby

5th Lily & Partner DCDA

6th Charlotte & Partner – Encore

7th Abigail- Unity Dance


14/15/16 Pairs

1st Lily & Partner- Unity

2nd Lola & Partner- Elite

3rd Keira & Partner- Elite

4th Alice & Partner- UNITY Dance

5th Ella & Partner- Elite

6th Hayley & Partner- NL Cheer


17 Years & Over Pairs

1st Lucy & Partner- Rushby

2nd Millie & Partner- Elite

3rd Georgina & Partner- D & K

4th Megan & Partner- Rushby

5th Megan & Partner – Rhinestones

6th Emma & Partner- NL Cheer

7th Tyoni & Partner – Emma Louise Cheer