Cheerdance UK Results Worcester May 2019

4 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Lola (Dance Unity)

2nd Kallie (Dance Unity)

3rd Darcie (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Ivory-Rose (DNL Dancelicious)


5 Years Dance 1

1st Daisy (Dance Unity)

2nd Tilly (Nicola’s School of Dance)

3rd JJ (Dance Unity)


6 Years Dance 1

1st Hollie (Dance Unity)

2nd Megan (Nicola’s School of Dance)

3rd Claudia (Dance Unity)

4th Lilly (Dance Unity)

5th Ruby (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Liarra (Dance Unity)


7 Years Dance 1

1st Ruby (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Marcy (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Bayley (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Lilly May (Nicola’s School of Dance)


7 Years & Under ASN Dance 1


8 Years Dance 1

1st Gracie (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Riley (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Emilia (DNL Dancelicious)


9 Years Dance 1

1st Abi (Nicola’s School of Dance)

2nd Shaylah (Dance Unity)

3rd Holly (Topaz)

4th Kelsey (Dance Unity)

5th Elouise (Nicola’s School of Dance)

6th Brooklyn (Topaz)

7th Heidi (DNL Dancelicious)


10 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Ameya (Dance Unity)

2nd Olivia (Topaz)

3rd Millie (Dance Unity)

4th Aliyah (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Mia-Louise (Nicola’s School of Dance)

6th Maggie (Nicola’s School of Dance)



Parents Dance 1

1st Vicky (Dance Unity)

2nd Janine (Dance Unity)

3rd Collette (Dance Unity)

4th Melanie (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Danielle (Dance Unity)

6th Agata (Dancelicious)


5 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Daisy (Dance Unity)

2nd Tilly (Nicola’s School of Dance)

3rd JJ (Dance Unity)

4th Kallie (Dance Unity)

5th Lola (Dance Unity)

6th Darcie (DNL Dancelicious)

7th Ivory-Rose (DNL Dancelicious)


6 Years Dance 2

1st Hollie (Dance Unity)

2nd Freya (LJDC)

3rd Megan (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Liarra (Dance Unity)

5th Claudia (Dance Unity)

6th Maddy (Nicola’s School of Dance)

7th Ruby (DNL Dancelicious)


7 Years Dance 2

1st Pixie (Dance Unity)

2nd Lacey (Dance Unity)

3rd Ruby (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Esme (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Amy (Topaz)

6th Marcy (Nicola’s School of Dance)

7th Bayley (Nicola’s School of Dance)

8th Lilly May (Nicola’s School of Dance)


8 Years Dance 2

1st Lacey (Dance Unity)

2nd Gracie (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Emilia (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Annabelle (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Libby (Topaz)

6th Riley (DNL Dancelicious)

7th Jessica (Topaz)


9 Years Dance 2

1st Ellen (Dance Unity)

2nd Shaylah (Dance Unity)

3rd Freya (Dance Unity)

4th Abi (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Holly (Topaz)

6th Miley (Dance Unity)

7th Ceryn (DNL Dancelicious)

8th Elousie (Nicola’s School of Dance)


10 Years Dance 2

1st Caitlin (Dance Unity)

2nd Ella (Dance Unity)

3rd Maggie (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Aliyah (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Isobel (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Millie (Dance Unity)

7th Mia-Louise (Nicola’s School of Dance)

8th Ellie (LJDC)


11-13 Years Dance 2

1st Chloe (Topaz)

2nd Bethany (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Mia (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Poppy (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Scarlett (Topaz)

6th Abigail (Nicola’s School of Dance)

7th Claudia (Topaz)

8th Ellie (Topaz)



14 Years & Over Dance 2

1st Kayleigh (Topaz)

2nd Nicola (Topaz)

3rd Francesca (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Eleanor (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Milly (Nicola’s School of Dance)

6th Clara (LJDC)


Parents Dance 2

1st Janine (Dance Unity)

2nd Collette (Dance Unity)

3rd Vicky (Dance Unity)

4th Allison (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Melanie (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Danielle (Dance Unity)


8 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Alisha (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Lacey (Dance Unity)

3rd Lacey (Dance Unity)

4th Pixie (Dance Unity)

5th Freya (LJDC)

6th Amy (Topaz)

7th Libby (Topaz)

8th Jessica (Topaz)


9 Years Dance 3

1st Miley (Dance Unity)

2nd Apple (Dance Unity)

3rd Mason (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Ellen (Dance Unity)

5th Erin (DNL Dancelicious)


10 Years Dance 3

1st Lacey (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Abi (Dance Unity)

3rd Summer (Dance Unity)

4th Cory (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Freya (Topaz)

6th Ellie (LJDC)


11 Years Dance 3

1st Ella Mae (Dance Unity)

2nd Leah (Dance Unity)

3rd Maisey (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Ella (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Lily May (Topaz)


12 Years Dance 3

1st Eryn (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Jessica (Dance Unity)

3rd Sophia (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Leah (LJDC)

5th Sasha (Nicola’s School of Dance)

6th Jessica (Dance Unity)


13 Years Dance 3

1st Chloe (Topaz)

2nd Poppy (Nicola’s School of Dance)

3rd Mia (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Ellie (Topaz)

5th Scarlett (Topaz)

6th Ewan (DNL Dancelicious)

7th Tia (DNL Dancelicious)

8th Claudia (Topaz)


14 Years Dance 3

1st Phillipa-Rose (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Chanel (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Lucia (Topaz)

4th Megan (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Lydia (Nicola’s School of Dance)

6th Rebecca (Nicola’s School of Dance)

7th Milly (Nicola’s School of Dance)


15 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Kayleigh (Topaz)

2nd Ellen (Topaz)

3rd Francesca (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Ellie (LJDC)

5th Eleanor (Nicola’s School of Dance)


Parents Dance 3

1st Allison (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Victoria (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Beth  (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Emma  (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Rachel (Topaz)

6th Sarah (Topaz)


9 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Krystina (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Apple (Dance Unity)

3rd Tilly (DNL Dancelicious)


10-11 Years Dance 4

1st Sophie-Ann (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Chloe (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Olivia (Topaz)

4th Emily (Topaz)

5th Mya (Topaz)


12-13 Years Dance 4

1st Alaney (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Alice (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Lucie (SDFC)

4th Jennifer (Dance Unity)

5th Georgia (SDFC)

6th Sydney (DNL Dancelicious)


14-15 Years Dance 4

1st Millie (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Katie (Topaz)

3rd Megan (Nicola’s School of Dance)

4th Abigail (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Leasha (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Lydia (Nicola’s School of Dance)


16-17 Years Dance 4

1st Bethan (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Isobel (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Beth (DNL Dancelicious) tie with Karys (DNL Dancelicious)


18 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Ffion (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Jane (Nicola’s School of Dance)

3rd Caitlin (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Niamh (DNL Dancelicious)


Parents Dance 4

1st Victoria (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Beth (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Emma (DNL Dancelicious)


13 Years & Under Dance 5

1st Lucie (SDFC)

2nd Chloe  (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Georgia (SDFC)

4th Ruby  (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Tamzin  (DNL Dancelicious)


14 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Ryan (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Katie (Topaz)

3rd Ellen (Topaz)

4th Lucia (Topaz)


9 Years & Under Solo Own Choreography

1st Lacey (Dance Unity)

2nd Alisha (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Miley (Dance Unity)

4th Shaylah (Dance Unity)

5th Holly (Topaz)

6th Mason (DNL Dancelicious)


10-13 Years Solo Own Choreography

1st Alice (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Georgia (SDFC)

3rd Lucie (SDFC)

4th Sydney (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Chloe (Topaz)

6th Ewan (DNL Dancelicious)


14 Years & Over Solo Own Choreography

1st Eleri (Dance Unity)

2nd Isobel (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Kayleigh (Topaz)

4th Bethan (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Leasha (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Eleanor (Nicola’s School of Dance)


5 Years & Under Pairs

1st Kallie & Partner (Dance Unity)

2nd Daisy & Partner (Dance Unity)

3rd Darcie & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Tilly (Nicola’s School of Dance)


7 Years & Under Pairs

1st Hollie & Partner (Dance Unity)

2nd Megan & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)

3rd Claudia & Partner (Dance Unity) tie with Liarra & Partner (Dance Unity)

5th Esme & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Lilly May & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)

7th Georgina & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)


9 Years & Under Pairs

1st Alisha & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Miley & Partner (Dance Unity)

3rd Lacey & Partner (Dance Unity)

4th Elouise & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Jessica & Partner (Topaz)


11 Years & Under Pairs

1st Ella & Partner (Dance Unity)

2nd Sophie-Ann & Partner(DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Kayla & Partner  (Topaz)

4th Aliyah & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Emily & Partner (Topaz)


13 Years & Under Pairs

1st Alice & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Jessica & Partner (Dance Unity

3rd Lucie & Partner (SDFC)

4th Ruby & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Jennifer & Partner (Dance Unity)

6th Ruby & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)


14 Years & Over Pairs

1st Kayleigh & Partner (Topaz)

2nd Chanel & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Isobel & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Bethan & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Claudia & Partner (Topaz)

6th Ryan & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

7th Megan & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)


Little & Large Pairs

1st Mya & Partner (Topaz)

2nd Jennifer & Partner (Dance Unity)

3rd Sophie-Ann & Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Abi & Partner (Nicola’s School of Dance)

5th Janine & Partner (Dance Unity)

6th Eleri & Partner (Dance Unity)



9 Years & Under Small Squad

1st DNL Trolls


11 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Dance Unity Rocky

2nd Topaz T Gems


13 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Dance Unity Divas

2nd DNL Sunshine

3rd Ignite


15 Years & Under Small Squad

1st DNL Diamonds


Adult Small Squad

1st DNL Divine