Cheerdance UK Results Colne March 2019

3 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Halle (Elite)

2nd Pippa (SDFC Burnley)

3rd Mason (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Mia (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Julia (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Aleya (SDFC Blackburn)


4 Years Dance 1

1st Annie (City of Preston)

2nd Lola (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Evie (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Ellie (SDFC Burnley)

5th Imogen (SDFC Burnley)

6th Sienna-Rose (ZTDA)


5 Years Dance 1

1st Helaina (SDFC Burnley)

2nd Bella (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Elsie (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Chloe (SDFC Burnley)

5th Kaidence (SDFC Burnley)

6th Olivia (SDFC Nelson)


6 Years Dance 1

1st Heidi (Jelly Dance)

2nd Scarlett (Jelly Dance)

3rd Jessica (SDFC Nelson)

4th Harriet (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Amelia (ZTDA)

6th Ruby (NL Cheer)


7 Years Dance 1

1st Chloe (City of Preston)

2nd Holly (SDFC Burnley)

3rd Lily (Royal Vulcans)

4th Poppy (Royal Vulcans)

5th Madi (Royal Vulcans)

6th Scarlett (SDFC Blackburn)


8 Years Dance 1

1st Lily (Elite)

2nd Imogen (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Isobel (City of Preston)

4th Amelie (Royal Vulcans)

5th Gabrielle (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Nikola (Royal Vulcans)


9 Years Dance 1

1st Leah-Mae (Royal Vulcans)

2nd Maja (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Poppy (Amore)

4th Ella (SDFC Burnley)

5th Alisha (SDFC Nelson)

6th Isabel (Royal Vulcans)


8/9 Years ASN Dance 1

1st Scarlett (SDFC)

2nd Isabel (Royal Vulcans)


10/11 Years Dance 1

1st Ella (ZTDA)

2nd Zuzanna (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Olivia (ZTDA)

4th Zuzanna (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Olivia (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Katy (City of Preston)

7th Caitlin (SDFC Burnley)

8th Mateen (SDFC Burnley)


12 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Ellie (Royal Vulcans)

2nd Jazmyn (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Sophie (Amore)


Parents Dance 1

1st Louise (Elite)

2nd Sarah (Elite)

3rd Paula (Elite)

4th Sam (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Clare (Elite)

6th Helen (Elite)

7th Scarlett (Jelly Dance)

8th Sarah (Elite)


4 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Imogen (SDFC Burnley)

2nd Evie (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Annie (City of Preston)

4th Sienna-Rose (ZTDA)

5th Ellie (SDFC Burnley)

6th Lola (SDFC Nelson)


5 Years Dance 2

1st Bella (Royal Vulcans)

2nd Helaina (SDFC Burnley)

3rd Elsie (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Olivia (SDFC Nelson)

5th Kaidence (SDFC Burnley)

6th Sophie (SDFC Blackburn)



6 Years Dance 2

1st Summer (Elite)

2nd Pippa (Elite)

3rd Harriet (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Gaby (Elite)

5th Jessica (SDFC Nelson)

6th Scarlett (Jelly Dance)

7th Holly (ZTDA)

8th Heidi (Jelly Dance)


7 Years Dance 2

1st Holly (SDFC Burnley)

2nd Scarlett (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Daisy (Elite)

4th Chloe (City of Preston)

5th Nikola (Royal Vulcans)

6th Poppy (Royal Vulcans)


8 Years Dance 2

1st Beatrice (ZTDA)

2nd Olivia (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Mia (SDFC Nelson)

4th India (SDFC Burnley)

5th Imogen (Royal Vulcans)

6th Isobel (City of Preston)


9 Years Dance 2

1st Jessica (ZTDA)

2nd Katie (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Leah-Mae (Royal Vulcans)

4th Emily (Carlova)

5th Olivia (ZTDA)

6th Seretta (SDFC Nelson)


10 Years Dance 2

1st Zuzanna (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Derren (Elite)

3rd Ella (ZTDA)

4th Zuzanna (Royal Vulcans)

5th Olivia (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Isabelle (SDFC Burnley)


11 Years Dance 2

1st Leah (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Olivia (Amore)

3rd Mia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Katy (City of Preston)

5th Madison (SDFC Burnley)

6th Mateen (SDFC Burnley)


12/13 Years Dance 2

1st Caysie (Elite)

2nd Ellie (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Faye (City of Preston)

4th Jazmyn (Royal Vulcans)


14 Years & Over Dance 2

1st Molly (Amore)

2nd Victoria (Amore)

3rd Evie (Amore)

4th Sophie (Amore)


Parents Dance 2

1st Sarah (Elite)

2nd Amanda (Royal Vulcans)

3rd Paula (Elite)

4th Louise (Elite)

5th Amanda (NL Cheer)

6th Sam (SDFC Blackburn)


7 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Summer (Elite)

2nd Pippa (Elite)

3rd Brooke (Elite)

4th Mila (Elite)

5th Mia (NL Cheer)

6th Daisy (Elite)

7th Gaby (Elite)


8 Years Dance 3

1st Ruby (Elite)

2nd Beatrice (ZTDA)

3rd Olivia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Mia (SDFC Nelson)

5th Tayla May (ZTDA)

6th India (SDFC Burnley)


9 Years Dance 3

1st Evie (NL Cheer)

2nd Emily (Carlova)

3rd Maddison (NL Cheer)

4th Jessica (ZTDA)

5th Katie (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Lola (SDFC Burnley)


10 Years Dance 3

1st Ava (Elite)

2nd Amy (Elite)

3rd Vanessa (Elite)

4th Ruby (SDFC Burnley)

5th Imogen (Elite)

6th Macy (Elite)


11 Years Dance 3

1st Alexi (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Ava (NL Cheer)

3rd Leah (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Rhianna (Jelly Dance)

5th Olivia (Amore)

6th Evie (Elite)


12/13 Years Dance 3

1st Madison (Elite)

2nd Caysie (Elite)

3rd Jessica (Elite)

4th Lilly (Elite)

5th Millie (Jelly Dance)

6th Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Faye (City of Preston)

8th Evie (Jelly Dance)


14/15 Years Dance 3

1st Lola (Elite)

2nd Abbie (City of Preston)

3rd Courtney-Mai (City of Preston)

4th Molly (Amore)

5th Victoria (Amore)

6th Evie (Amore)


16 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Hannah (Jelly Dance)


Parents Dance 3

1st Amanda (Royal Vulcans)

2nd Amanda (NL Cheer)

3rd Martina (SDFC Nelson)

4th Lynn (NL Cheer)


7 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Mia (NL Cheer)


8/9 Years Dance 4

1st Evie (NL Cheer)

2nd Tayla May (ZTDA)

3rd Ruby (Elite)

4th Tia (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Maddison (NL Cheer)

6th Mia (NL Cheer)

7th Lola (SDFC Burnley)

8th Ashleigh (SDFC Nelson)


10 Years Dance 4

1st Ava (Elite)

2nd Amy (Elite)

3rd Macy (Elite)

4th Ruby (SDFC Burnley)

5th Imogen (Elite)

6th Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Vanessa (Elite)

8th Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)


11 Years Dance 4

1st Alexi (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Lily (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Evie (Elite)

4th Ava (NL Cheer)

5th Faye (City of Preston)

6th Holly (SDFC Blackburn)


12 Years Dance 4

1st Madison (Elite)

2nd Jessica (Elite)

3rd Millie (Jelly Dance)

4th Evie (Jelly Dance)


13 Years Dance 4

1st Keira (Elite)

2nd Daisy (Amore)

3rd Lilly (Elite)

4th Ella (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Megan (Amore)

6th Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)


14 Years Dance 4

1st Lilly (Elite)

2nd Ella (Elite)

3rd Jessica (Amore)

4th Hannah (Elite)

5th Ellie (NL Cheer)

6th Ria (Jelly Dance)

7th Jodie (NL Cheer)

8th Scarlett (Jelly Dance)


15 Years Dance 4

1st Abbie (City of Preston)

2nd Lola (Elite)

3rd Courtney-Mai (City of Preston)

4th Mya (Jelly Dance)

5th Emily (Jelly Dance)

6th Aleesha (Jelly Dance)


16 Years Dance 4

1st Amber (Elite)

2nd Millie (Elite)

3rd Dylan (Jelly Dance)

4th Hannah (Jelly Dance)


17 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Hannah (Elite)


Parents Dance 4

1st Lisa (NL Cheer)


9 Years & Under Dance 5

1st Mia (NL Cheer)

2nd Tia (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)


10/11 Years Dance 5

1st Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Holly (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Kasi (NL Cheer)


12/13 Years Dance 5

1st Keira (Elite)

2nd Daisy (Amore)

3rd Ella (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Megan (Amore)


14/15 Years Dance 5

1st Lilly (Elite)

2nd Ella (Elite)

3rd Ellie (NL Cheer)

4th Hannah (NL Cheer)

5th Jodie (NL Cheer)

6th Sophie (Amore)

7th Jessica (Amore)

8th Ria (Jelly Dance)


16 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Amber (Elite)

2nd Millie (Elite)

3rd Dylan (Jelly Dance)


Parents Dance 5

1st Lisa


5 Years & Under Pairs

1st Cody & Partner (Royal Vulcans)

2nd Sophie & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Imogen & Partner (SDFC Burnley)

4th Sienna-Rose & Partner (ZTDA)

5th Ellie & Partner (SDFC Burnley)

6th Elsie & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)


7 Years & Under Pairs

1st Brooke & Partner (Elite)

2nd Daisy & Partner (Elite)

3rd Lily & Partner (Royal Vulcans)

4th Mila & Partner (Elite)

5th Nikola (Royal Vulcans)

6th Chloe & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)


9 Years & Under Pairs

1st Ruby & Partner (Elite)

2nd Beatrice & Partner (ZTDA)

3rd Katie & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Mia & Partner (NL Cheer)

5th Jessica & Partner (ZTDA)

6th Emily & Partner (SDFC Burnley)


11 Years & Under Pairs

1st Ava & Partner (Elite)

2nd Georgia & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Evie & Partner (Elite)

4th Imogen & Partner (Elite)

5th Ava & Partner (NL Cheer)

6th Ella & Partner (ZTDA)


13 Years & Under Pairs

1st Keira & Partner (Elite)

2nd Madison & Partner (Elite)

3rd Jazmyn & Partner (Royal Vulcans)

4th Lily & Partner (Elite)

5th Holly & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Olivia & Partner (Amore)

7th Faye & Partner (City of Preston)


14 Years & Over Pairs

1st Lilly & Partner (Elite)

2nd Millie & Partner (Elite)

3rd Ella & Partner (Elite)

4th Ellie & Partner (NL Cheer)

5th Sophie & Partner (Amore)

6th Victoria & Partner (Amore)

7th Molly (Amore)


7 Years & Under Small Squad

1st BS Elite Sparkles

2nd Sanderson Super Troopers


9 Years & Under Small Squad

1st NL Cheer



13 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Thoroughly Modern Cheer

2nd Tie between BS Elite Crystals & Royal Vulcans


15 Years & Under Small Squad

1st NL Cheer

2nd Amore


Adult Small Squad

1st This. Is. Cheer