Cheerdance UK Results Blackpool September 2019

4 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Harriet (RDFC)

2nd Hope (RDFC)

3rd Kallie (Dance Unity)

4th Lola (Dance Unity)

5th Isla (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Oliver (Move It Dance)

7th Ivy (Dance Unity)

8th Bluebell (Inspired 2 Dance)


5 Years Dance 1

1st Chloe (RDFC)

2nd Daisy (Dance Unity)

3rd Sasha (RDFC)

4th Daisy (RDFC)

5th Jade (Move It Dance)


6 Years Dance 1

1at Hollie (Dance Unity)

2nd Lily (Dance Unity)

3rd Maia (DWP)

4th Liarra (Dance Unity)

5th Heidi (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Rosie (Kreativ)


7 Years Dance 1

1st Anya (RDFC)

2nd Kiah (Move It Dance)

3rd Alexis (Smith’s Academy)

4th Holly (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Chloe (DWP)

6th Macy (DWP)

7th Autumn (Inspired 2 Dance)


8 Years Dance 1

1ST Lila (Dance Unity)

2nd Esme (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Ella (DWP)

4th Lola (DWP)

5th Evie (Emma Louise Cheer)


9 Years Dance 1

1st Maisie (Kreativ)

2nd Hollie (Dance Unity)

3rd Brooke (Kreativ)

4th Amelie (DWP)

5th Lucy (Kreativ)

6th Peyton (Emma Louise Cheer)

7th Sophia-Mei (City of Preston)


10 Years Dance 1

1st Millie (Dance Unity)

2nd Ceryn (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Nyree (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Emily (DWP)

5th Sophie (KR Dance)

6th Emily (Kreativ)

7th Gracie (Inspired 2 Dance)

8th Summer (Move It Dance)


11 Years Dance 1

1st Isabella (RDFC)

2nd Chelsie (Dance Unity)

3rd Erin (Dance Unity)

4th Freya (DWP)

5th Gracie (DWP)

6th Amy (Kreativ)

7th Alysha (Kreativ)

8th Patience (Inspired 2 Dance)


12/13 Years Dance 1

1st Ellie (Dance with Passion)

2nd Amba (DWP)

3rd Megan (DWP)

4th Erica (Kreativ)

5th Grace (Inspired to Dance)

6th Lily (TRDF)

7th Lola (The Crown Ballroom)


14 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Vicky (DWP)

2nd Jade (Kreativ)

3rd Georgia (Move It Dance)


Parents Dance 1 (Morning)

1st Annabel (RDFC)

2nd Fiona (RDFC)

3rd Amie (RDFC)

4th Lisa (RDFC)

5th Nick (Dance Unity)

6th Debra (Kreativ)


Parents Dance 1 (Afternoon)

1st Amie (Move It Dance)

2nd Laura (Kreativ)

3rd Sarah (Move It Dance)

4th Beth (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Angie (RDFC)

6th Emma (DNL Dancelicious)

7th Louisa (Move It Dance)



5 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Daisy (Dance Unity)

2nd Isobelle (Emma Louise Cheer)

3rd Ella (RDFC)

4th Jade (Move It Dance)

5th Sophie (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Cora (DWP)

7th Neisha (Kreativ)


6 Years Dance 2

1st Hollie (Dance Unity)

2nd Lily (Dance Unity)

3rd Harriet (Emma Louise Cheer)

4th Maia (DWP)

5th Heidi (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Emily (Move It Dance)


7 Years Dance 2

1st Jessie (RDFC)

2nd Anya (RDFC)

3rd Kiah (Move It Dance)

4th Chloe (DWP)

5th Josephine (ANSD)


8 Years Dance 2

1st Millie (RDFC)

2nd Martha (DWP)

3rd Poppy (RDFC)

4th Ashleigh (SDFC Nelson)

5th Bella (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Emma (Move It Dance)

7th Lily (Dance Unity)

8th Apple (Dance Unity)


9 Years Dance 2

1st Millie (Dance Unity)

2nd Hollie (Dance Unity)

3rd Georgina (RDFC)

4th Dilara (Move It Dance)

5th Beatrice (DCDA)

6th Brooke (Kreativ) tie with Amelie (DWP)


10 Years Dance 2

1st Ameya (Dance Unity)

2nd Rayanne (Dance Unity)

3rd Isabelle (RDFC)

4th Ceryn (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Isabelle (DWP)

6th Pixie (Move It Dance)

7th Emily (DWP)


11 Years Dance 2

1st Ella-Mae (Dance Unity)

2nd Erin (Dance Unity)

3rd Lewis (Move It Dance)

4th Mia (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Chelsie (Dance Unity)

6th Freya (DWP)


12 Years Dance 2

1st Ria (Dance Dynamics)

2nd Brogan (KR Dance)

3rd Imogen (Dance Dynamics)

4th Grace (Dance Dynamics)

5th Sky (Dance Dynamics)

6th Bayley (KR Dance)


13 Years Dance 2

1st Ruby (DWP)

2nd Emily (Kreativ)

3rd Libby (Dance Dynamics)

4th Jessica (Dance Unity)

5th Jessica (DWP)


14 Years & Over Dance 2

1st Ellie (Move It Dance)

2nd Bethany (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Amber (DWP)

4th Becca (Dance Dynamics)

5th Brooke (Kreativ)

6th Kelsey (TRDF)

7th Katie (SDFC Blackburn)


Parents Dance 2 (Morning)

1st Lisa (Dance Dynamics)

2nd Beckie (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Lisa (RDFC)

4th Laura (Emma Louise Cheer)

5th Annabel (RDFC)

6th Maxine (Emma Louise Cheer)

7th Fiona (RDFC)


Parents Dance 2 (Afternoon)

1st Aly (RDFC)

2nd Phoebe (RDFC)

3rd Laura (Kreativ)

4th Mags (TRDF)

5th Kellie (RDFC)

6th Jackie (RDFC)

7th Angie (RDFC)


7 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Ava (RDFC)

2nd Harriet (Emma Louise Cheer)

3rd Chloe (DWP)

4th Lacey (Dance Unity)

5th Rizwana (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Josephine (ANSD)

7th Emily (Move It Dance)


8 Years Dance 3

1st Maya (DWP)

2nd Emma (Move It Dance)

3rd Lacey (Dance Unity)

4th Krystina (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Apple (Dance Unity)


7th Lucy (Emma Louise Cheer)


9 Years Dance 3

1st Freya (RDFC)

2nd Millie (Dance Unity)

3rd Isabelle (RDFC)

4th Beatrice (ZTDA)

5th Dilara (Move It Dance)

6th Jess (SDFC Nelson)


10 Years Dance 3

1st Ella (Dance Unity)

2nd Daniel (Kreativ)

3rd Chloe (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Ameya (Dance Unity)

5th Olivia (DWP)

6th Isabelle (RDFC)

7th Pixie (Dance Unity)


11 Years Dance 3

1st Ella-Mae (Dance Unity)

2nd Mabel (RDFC)

3rd Milla (DWP)

4th Alexi (SDFC Nelson)

5th Summer (Dance Unity)


12 Years Dance 3

1st Eryn (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Izzy (DWP)

3rd Aimee (DWP)

4th Jessica (Dance Unity)

5th Ellie-May (DWP)

6th Brogan (KR Dance)

7th Olivia (RDFC)


13 Years Dance 3

1st Teigan (Dance Unity)

2nd Jessica (DWP)

3rd Alisha (RDFC)

4th Tierney (SDFC Nelson)

5th Sophia (DNL Dancelicious)


14 Years Dance 3

1st Tamzin (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Bethany (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Tayla (City of Preston)

4th Catalina (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Iyla (TRDF)

6th Lydia (City of Preston)

7th Mia (TRDF)


15 Years Dance 3

1st Freya (DWP)

2nd Amber (DWP)

3rd Ella (DWP)

4th Grace (DWP)

5th Phillipa-Rose (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Courtney Mai (City of Preston)


16 Years Dance 3

1st Liana (TRDF)

2nd Eloise (DWP)

3rd Paterson (Smiths)

4th Lucy (DWP)

5th Megan (Kreativ Dance)

6th Megan (TRDF)

7th Liz (City of Preston)

8th Holly (Emma Louise Cheer)


17 Years Dance 3

1st Caitlin (Kreativ)

2nd Miriam (Move It Dance)

3rd Isobel (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Bethany (TRDF)

5th Karys (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Izzy (TRDF)


18 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Tegan (RDFC)

2nd Emily (RDFC)

3rd Amara (Emma Louise Cheer)

4th Tyoni (Emma Louise Cheer)

5th Leah (TRDF)

6th Lewis (Kreativ)


Parents Dance 3 (Morning)

1st Karla (TRDF)

2nd Emma (RDFC)

3rd Laura (Emma Louise Cheer)

4th Charlotte (Emma Louise Cheer)

5th Janine (Dance Unity)

6th Maxine (Emma Louise Cheer)


Parents Dance 3 (Afternoon)

1st Emma (Emma Louise Cheer)

2nd Aly (RDFC)

3rd Kira (RDFC)

4th Kellie (RDFC)

5th Mags (TRDF)

6th Kirsty (SDFC Nelson)

7th Jackie (RDFC)


7 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Lacey (Dance Unity)

2nd Abigail (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Katie (TRDF)


8/9 Years Dance 4

1st Freya (RDFC)

2nd Violet (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Grace (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Lily-Mai (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Ruby (SDFC Blackburn)


10 Years Dance 4

1st Erin (RDFC)

2nd Olivia (DWP)

3rd Scarlett (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Maddie (TRDF)

5th Phoebe (DWP)

6th Bailey (Emma Louise Cheer)

7th Maisie (TRDF)


11 Years Dance 4

1st Olivia (RDFC)

2nd Lily (RDFC)

3rd Alexi (SDFC Nelson)

4th Milla (DWP)

5th Lottie (DWP)


12 Years Dance 4

1st Summer (RDFC)

2nd Jennifer (Dance Unity)

3rd Evelyn (RDFC)

4th Shayna (RDFC)

5th Izzy (DWP)


13 Years Dance 4

1st Bethany (RDFC)

2nd Olivia (RDFC)

3rd Evie (TRDF)

4th Eleni (TRDF)

5th Evie (SDFC Nelson)

6th Sophia (DNL Dancelicious)


14 Years Dance 4

1st Sophie (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Kaci (RDFC)

3rd Nicole (TRDF)

4th Kacey (SDFC Nelson) tie with Katie (TRDF)

6th Ellie Mai (SDFC Nelson)


15 Years Dance 4

1st Freya (DWP)

2nd Angel (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Abbi (RDFC)

4th Ellie (TRDF)

5th Catherine (DWP)

6th Sophie (RDFC)


16 Years Dance 4

1st Daisy (RDFC)

2nd Erin (TRDF)

3rd Eloise (DWP)

4th Lucy (DWP)

5th Holly (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Megan (Kreativ)

7th Lowri (DNL Dancelicious)


17 Years Dance 4

1st Bethan (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Isobel (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Beth (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Miriam (Move It Dance)

5th Caitlin (Kreativ Dance)


18 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Megan (RDFC)

2nd Ffion (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Tegan (RDFC)

4th Hannie (DWP)

5th Lewis (Kreativ)


Parents Dance 4 (Morning)

1st Emma (RDFC)

2nd Helen (TRDF)

3rd Louisa (Move It Dance)

4th Jakki (TRDF)

5th Kim (SDFC Nelson)

6th Tracey (SDFC Nelson)


Parents Dance 4 (Afternoon)

1st Emma (Emma Louise Cheer)

2nd Kirsty (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Kira (RDFC)

4th Kate (Move It Dance)

5th Anne (RDFC)

6th Julie (SDFC Nelson)

7th Cheryl (Move It Dance)


7 Years & Under Dance 5

1st Ellie (TRDF)

2nd Summer (TRDF)

3rd Alexa (TRDF)


8/9 Years Dance 5

1st Tayla May (ZTDA)

2nd Mia (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Tia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Jessica (TRDF)

6th Laila (TRDF)

7th Abigail (TRDF)

8th Jessica (TRDF)


10/11 Years Dance 5

1st Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Chloe (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Emily (TRDF)

5th Monet (Kreativ)

6th Niamh (SDFC Blackburn)


12 Years Dance 5

1st Gabriella (TRDF)

2nd Sydney (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Lucie (SDFC Nelson)

5th Holly (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Millie (SDFC Nelson)

7th Emily (SDFC Nelson)

8th Zara (SDFC Nelson)


13 Years Dance 5

1st Harriet (RDFC)

2nd Ruby (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Lewis (TRDF)

4th Jess (SDFC Nelson)

5th Saskia (TRDF)

6th Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Summer (SDFC Nelson)


14 Years Dance 5

1st Faith (RDFC)

2nd Jodie-Leigh (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Paige (DWP)

4th Honey (DWP)

5th Jessica (TRDF)

6th Kacey (SDFC Nelson)


15 Years Dance 5

1st Kate (DWP)

2nd Lily (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Chloe (TRDF)

4th Thea (City of Preston)

5th Angel (SDFC Nelson)

6th Ellie (TRDF)


16/17 Years Dance 5

1st Emily (DWP)

2nd Miriam (Move It Dance)

3rd Bethan (Dancelicious)

4th Mia May (Smiths Academy)


18 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Megan (RDFC)

2nd Ffion (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Chloe (DWP)

4th Hannie (DWP)

5th Eden (DWP)


Parents Dance 5 (Morning)

1st Karla (TRDF)

2nd Jakki (TRDF)

3rd Helen (TRDF)

4th Louisa (Move It Dance)


Parents Dance 5 (Afternoon)

1st Kate (Move It Dance)

2nd Cheryl (Move It Dance)


5 Years & Under Cheer Fusion

1st Evie (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Ivy (Dance Unity)

3rd Bluebell (Inspired 2 Dance)


6-7 Years Cheer Fusion

1st Lacey (Dance Unity)

2nd Abigail (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Abigail (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Hollie (Dance Unity)

5th Autumn (Inspired 2 Dance)

6th Lois (Inspired 2 Dance)

7th Ava (Inspired 2 Dance)


8-9 Years Cheer Fusion

1st Violet (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Tayla May (ZTDA)

3rd Grace (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Dilara (Move It Dance)

5th Tia (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Apple (Dance Unity)


10-11 Years Cheer Fusion

1st Emily (ANSD)

2nd Daniel (Kreativ)

3rd Ella (Dance Unity)

4th Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Pixie (Dance Unity)

6th Elliot (RDFC)


12-13 Years Cheer Fusion

1st Sydney (DNL Dancelicious)

2nd Teigan (Dance Unity)

3rd Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Sienna (KR Dance)

5th Brogan (KR Dance)

6th Lucy (Carlova)


14 & over Cheer Fusion

1st Eve (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Lucy (RDFC)

3rd Ellie-Mae (RDFC)

4th Mia (TRDF)

5th Mia May (Smiths Academy)

6th Leah (SDFC Nelson)

7th Lewis (Kreativ)


Parents Fusion

1st Kate (Move It Dance)

2nd Julie (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Agata (DNL Dancelicious)

4th Emma (DNL Dancelicious)

5th Cheryl (Move It Dance)

6th Beth (DNL Dancelicious)


5 Years & Under Pairs

1st Sasha & Partner (RDFC)

2nd Alexa & Partner (TRDF)

3rd Eadie& Partner (RDFC)

4th Ruby& Partner (RDFC)

5th Harriet & Partner (RDFC)

6th Lola & Partner (Dance Unity)


6-7 Years Pairs

1st Ava & Partner (RDFC)

2nd Summer & Partner (TRDF)

3rd Daisy & Partner (Dance Unity)

4th Lily & Partner (Dance Unity)

5th Ruby & Partner (TRDF)

6th Harriet & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Holly & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)


8 Years Pairs

1st Jessica & Partner (TRDF)

2nd Maya& Partner (DWP)

3rd Matilda & Partner (RDFC)

4th Scarlett & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Abbey& Partner (TRDF)

6th Madeleine & Partner (RDFC)


9 Years Pairs

1st Isabelle & Partner (RDFC)

2nd Beatrice & Partner (ZTDA)

3rd Lily-Mai & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Jess& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

5th Erin& Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

6th Lola& Partner (DWP)


10 Years Pairs

1st Millie & Partner (Dance Unity)

2nd Sophie-Ann& Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Poppy & Partner (RDFC)

4th Phoebe& Partner (DWP)

5th Olivia & Partner (DWP)


11 Years Pairs

1st Milla& Partner (DWP)

2nd Freya & Partner (RDFC)

3rd Monet& Partner (Kreativ)

4th Amber& Partner (TRDF)

5th Erin & Partner (RDFC)


12 Years Pairs

1st Evelyn & Partner (RDFC)

2nd Imogen& Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Olivia& Partner (RDFC)

4th Mia& Partner (DWP)

5th Ellie-May& Partner (DWP)

6th Ruby& Partner (Kreativ)

7th Joanna& Partner (TRDF)


13 Years Pairs

1st Lewis& Partner (TRDF)

2nd Jennifer& Partner (Dance Unity)

3rd Harriet& Partner (RDFC)

4th Olivia & Partner (RDFC)

5th Eryn & Partner (Dancelicious)

6th Emily & Partner (RDFC)


14/15 Years Pairs

1st Eve & Partner (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Abbi & Partner (RDFC)

3rd Jodie Leigh & Partner (SDFC Nelson)

4th Lily & Partner (SDFC Nelson)

5th Abbie & Partner (City of Preston)


16 Years & Over Pairs

1st Lucy & Partner (RDFC)

2nd Ryan& Partner (DNL Dancelicious)

3rd Thea & Partner (City of Preston)

4th Emily & Partner (DWP)

5th Sophie & Partner (TRDF)


Parents Pairs

1st Karla & Partner (TRDF)


5 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Hunny Bees


7 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Rigby’s Rascals

2nd Baby Spirit

3rd Emma Louise Teeny’s

4th Darlings


9 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Junior Spirit

2nd Rigby’s Rockets

3rd Angels with Attitude

4th Candy Delights

5th Emma Louise Dynamites

6th Teenies


11 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Warrior Wasps

2nd Dreamers

3rd Rocky

4th Rigby’s Rhinestones

5th Team Spirit

6th Junior Elite


13 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Team Xtreme

2nd Divas

3rd Rigby Revolution

4th Sanderson Super Sparks

5th Emma Louise Intensity

6th ANSD Cheer Squad


13 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Allstar Supers


15 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Diamond Freaks

2nd Rigby’s Rivals

3rd Senior Spirit


15 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Sandersons Supersonics


17 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Copacabana

2nd Smiths Seniors

3rd Cyclones


Adult Small Squad

1st Devine

2nd Rigby Rebels

3rd Rio

4th Emma Louise Extreme


Adult Large Squad

1st SDC Stingers


Parents Squad

1st RDFC Divas

2nd Sandersons Sugamammas