Cheerdance UK Results Blackpool November 2019



13 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Emily (Gena S Dance Academy)

2nd Katie (Reeders)

3rd Rhianna (Gena S Dance Academy)

4th Ella (Go Dance Lincoln)

5th Lauren (Poppleton)

6th Skye (Go Dance Lincoln)

7th Nikita (Go Dance Lincoln)

8th Mia (Go Dance Lincoln)


14-15 Years Dance 1

1st Jeanie (Reeders)

2nd Layla (Kanvas)

3rd Jade (Kreativ)

4th Riannin (Kanvas)

5th Jamie-Lee (Inferno Fireflies)

6th Asha (Go Dance Lincoln)

7th Sara (Infernoa Fireflies)


14 Years & Over ASN Dance 1

Sophie (Inferno Fireflies)


16 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Izzy (TRDF)

2nd Paris (Go Dance Salford)


Parents Dance 1

1st Paula (Elite)

2nd Helen (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Ann (Scottish Starlets)

4th Paul (IOM)

5th Donna (Dance Dynamics)

6th Maria (LJ Cheer)


13 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Mair (Gena S Dance Academy)

2nd Ruby (Kreativ)

3rd Lucy (LJ Cheer)

4th Freya (Unity IOM)

5th Sienna (LJ Cheer)

6th Cassia (Unity IOM)


14 Years Dance 2

1st Ranya (Go Dance Sleaford)

2nd Kelsey (TRDF)

3rd Lucia (Topaz)

4th Aayliyah (Slaters)

5th Olivia (Kanvas)

6th Nicole (Go Dance Lincoln)


15 Years Dance 2

Hannah (LJ Cheer)

2nd Jess (Slaters)

3rd Evie (Amore)

4th Ellie (Reeders)

5th Steph (LJ Cheer)

6th Sophie (Amore)


16 & Over Years Dance 2

1st Jess (LJ Cheer)

2nd Melissa (LJ Cheer)

3rd Amy (Kanvas)

4th Alisha (Inferno Fireflies)

5th Holly (Fever)

5th Chantelle (Unity IOM)


Parents Dance 2

1st Caroline (Freedom2Dance)

2nd Claire (TRDF)

3rd Louise (Elite)

4th Paul (Unity IOM)

5th Helen (Dance Dynamics)

5th Pamela (NL Cheer)

7th Denise (NL Cheer)


12 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Mair (Gena S Dance Academy)

2nd Emily (Go Dance Sleaford)

3rd Laurel (Go Dance Sleaford)

4th Isabel (Go Dance Sleaford)

5th Ruby (Go Dance Sleaford)

6th Lyla (Gena S Dance Academy)

7th Lucy (Go Dance Sleaford)


13 Years Dance 3

1st Harriet (Fever)

2nd Marrisa (Fever)

3rd Amelia (EL Cheer)

4th Jersey (Go Dance Sleaford)

5th Thea (City of Preston)


14 Years Dance 3

1st Tayla (City of Preston)

2nd Caitlin (Fever)

3rd Katie (Poppleton)

4th Rosie (Gena S Dance Academy)

5th Tianne (DWP)

6th Rosie (Gena S Dance Academy)



15 Years Dance 3

1st Ella (DWP)

2nd Alicia (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Harriet (DWP)

4th Hannah (Unity IOM)

5th Freya (DWP)

6th Sophie (DWP)


16 Years Dance 3

1st Melissa (LJ Cheer)

2nd Grace (LJ Cheer)

3rd Erin (City of Preston)

4th Anna (Go Dance Sleaford)

5th Anna (Poppleton)

6th Brianna (Fever)


17 Years Dance 3

1st Millie (Fever)

2nd Chloe (fever)

3rd Amber (Dance Dynamics)

4th Courtney (Aim2B)

5th Mia (Fever)

6th Megan (Dance Dynamics)

7th Nadine (Gena S Dance Academy)


18 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Jess (LJ Cheer)

2nd Nina (Fever)

3rd Jasmin (Fever)

4th Lewis (Kreativ)

5th Hayley (Fever)

6th Lauren (TRDF)

7th Georgia (Fever)


Parents Dance 3

1st Laura (LJ Cheer)

2nd Emma (Unity IOM)

3rd Nadine (Infeno Fireflies)

4th Sharon (Unity IOM)

5th Susan (Scottish Starlets)

6th Denise (NL Cheer)

7th Louise (Elite)


13 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Coral (Unity IOM)

2nd Ellen (Unity IOM)

3rd Keevey (Fever)

4th Ruby (Unity IOM)

5th Chloe (Kanvas)

6th Isabel (SDFC Nelson)


14 Years Dance 4

1st Keira (Elite)

2nd Emma (Gena S Dance Academy)

3rd Charlie (Scottish Starlets)

4th Abby (Dance Dynamics)

5th Olivia (SDSFC Nelson)


15 Years Dance 4

1st Freya (DWP)

2nd Alicia (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Hannah (Elite)

4th Sophia (SDFC Nelson)

5th Hannah (Unity IOM)


16 Years Dance 4

1st Katie (Slaters)

2nd Lordon (Fever)

3rd Lily (Unity IOM)

4th Sophie (SDSFC Nelson)

5th Sian (Slaters)

6th Lucy (DWP)


17 Years Dance 4

1st Millie (Elite)

2nd Amber (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Charlotte (Dance Dynamics)

4th Sophie (Fever)

5th Izzy (Fever)

6th Abbey (Fever)

7th Emily (SDFC Nelson)


18 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Emily (Fever)

2nd Sophie (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Katie (Fever)

4th Shawn (Slaters)

5th Elizabeth (Fever)

6th Reine (Scottish Starlets)


Parents Dance 4

1st Lisa (NL Cheer)

2nd Laura (LJ Cheer)

3rd Lindsay (NL Cheer)

4th Kirsty (SDFC Nelson)

5th Nadine (Inferno Fireflies)

6th Julie (SDFC Nelson)


13 Years & Under Dance 5

1st Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Coral (Unity IOM)

3rd Abbie (NL Cheer)

4th Kasi (NL Cheer)

5th Ellen (Unity IOM)

6th Holly SDFC Blackburn

7th Summer (SDFC Nelson)


14 Years Dance 5

1st Honey (DWP)

2nd Jess (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Paige (DWP)

4th Bethany (Elite)

5th Izaac (Fever)

6TH Ellie (Fever)


15 Years Dance 5

1st Lola (Elite)

2nd Kate (Dance with Passion)

3rd Angel (SDFC Nelson)

4th Gabrielle (Fever)

5th Lia (Fever)

6th Lily (SDFC Nelson)


16/17 Years Dance 5

1st Lily (Dance Dynamics)

2nd Amber (Elite)

3rd Lily (Unity IOM)

4th Emily (Dance with Passion)

5th Talia (Kanvas)

6th Charlotte (Dance Dynamics)

7th Maddy (Fever)


18 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Beckie (Fever)

2nd Reine (Scottish Starlets)

3rd Hannah (Elite)

4th Jordan (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Bethany (Slaters)

6th Korey (Aim 2 B)


Parents Dance 5

1st Lindsay (NL Cheer)


13 Years & Under Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Izzy (Encore)

2nd Aaliyah (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Chalotte (Encore)

4th Ellie (SDFC)

5th Sophie (Scottish Starlets)

6th Evie (Dance Dynamics)

7th Naomi (Dance with Jasmine)


14-15 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Eve (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Charlotte (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Mia (TRDF)

4th Maeve (Dance Dynamics)

5th Leah (SDFC Nelson)


16 Years & Over Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Emma Louise (Kanvas)

2nd Lily (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Nadine (Gena’s Dance Academy)


Parents Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Nikki (Dance Dynamics)


13 Years & Under Pairs (Saturday evening)

1st Imogen & Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Lily & Partner (Gena’s Dance Academy)

3rd Cora& Partner l (Unity IOM)

4th Phoebe& Partner (Unity IOM)

5th Olivia& Partner (IOM)

6th Kasi & Partner (NL Cheer)

7th Katie& Partner (NL Cheer)


14 Years Pairs

1st Eve& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Olivia& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Amelia & Partner (Dance with Passion)

4th Thea & Partner (City of Preston)

5th Rosie& Partner (Gena’s Dance Academy)

6th Eve& Partner (Freedom 2 Dance)


15 Years Pairs

1st Lilly& Partner (Elite)

2nd Ella& Partner (Elite)

3rd Jess& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

4th Angel& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

5th Erin& Partner (Dance Dynamics)

6th Chloe& Partner (TRDF)


16 Years Pairs

1st Emily& Partner (Dance with Passion)

2nd Lily& Partner (Unity IOM)

3rd Darcy& Partner (Unity IOM)

4th Lucy& Partner (Kreativ)

5th Liana & Partner (TRDF)

6th Hayley& Partner (NL Cheer)


17 Years Pairs

1st Keira& Partner (Elite)

2nd Lily& Partner (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Caitlin& Partner (Kreativ)

4th Anna& Partner (Poppleton)

5th Izzy & Partner (TRDF)

6th Ellie& Partner (Aim 2 B)

7th Charlotte & Partner (Dance Dynamics)


18 Years & Over Pairs

1st Bethany& Partner (Slaters)

2nd Sophie& Partner (TRDF)

3rd Millie& Partner (Elite)

4th Reine& Partner (Scottish Starlets)

5th Talia& Partner (Kanvas)

6th Jordan& Partner (SDFC Blackburn)




4 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Nieve (Slaters)

2nd Evie (Slaters)

3rd Taylor (Slaters)

4th Amie (Slaters)

5th Evelyn (EL Cheer)

6th Poppy (Slaters)

7th Alexis (Fever)

8th Amelie (Unity IOM)


5 Years Dance 1

1st Nola (Slaters)

2nd Sophie (Elite)

3rd Alyssia (Elite)

4th Bella (Elite)

5th Lola (SDFC Nelson)

6th Elizabeth (Aim2Be)


6 Years Dance 1

1st Heidi (EL Cheer)

2nd Liberty Leigh (Danceworx)

3rd Rosie (Kreativ)

4th Scarlett (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Ella (Fever)

6th Holly (Fever)

7th Lucy (Fusion)

8th Maia (DWP)


7 Years Dance 1

1st Eliza (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Brooke (Freedom2Dance)

3rd Alicia (Freedom2Dance)

4th Macy (DWP)

5th Autumn (Inspired2Dance)

6th Amelia (DWP)


8 Years Dance 1

1st Aleisha (Dance Dynamics)

2nd Elleanor (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Poppy (Fusion)

4th Lillie (Aim 2B Dance)

5th Ella (Fever)

6th Isla (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Lucy (Slaters)

8th Keira (Freedom 2 Dance)

9th Quinn (KP Stars)


9 Years Dance 1

1st Joshua (Fever)

2nd Lexi (Freedom2Dance)

3rd Alexa (Gena’s Dance Academy)

4th Ruby (Elite)

5th Sien (Dance with Passion)

6th Willow (Inspired 2 Dance)

7th Ebony (Freedom 2 Dance)


8 & 9 Years ASN Dance 1

1st Palmer (Go Dance Sleaford)

2nd Scarlett (SDFC Nelson)


10 Years Dance 1

1st Maisie (Fever)

2nd Leah (KP Stars)

3rd Grace (Inspired 2 Dance)

4th Lleucu (KP Stars) tue with Erin (KP Stars)

6th Amelia (Freedom 2 Dance)

7th Jessica (Aim2B Dance)


11 Years Dance 1

1st Darcy (Elite)

2nd Amy (Gena’s Dance Academy)

3rd Patience (Inspired 2 Dance)

4th Maisie (Fever)

5th Kacie (Fever)

6th Mayah (KP Stars)


12-13 Years Dance 1

1st Erica (Kreativ)

2nd Ruby (Kanvas)

3rd Lucy (Kanvas)

4th Ela (KP Stars)

5th Ellize (KP Stars)

6th Shannon (KP Stars)


12-13 Years ASN Dance 1

1st Rosie (LJ Cheer)


Parents Dance 1 (Sunday Morning)

1st Dani (TRDF)

2nd Lucy (Unity IOM)

3rd Philippa (LJ Cheer)

4th Claire (Elite)

5th Adam (Fever)

6TH Chris (Unity IOM)


Parents Dance 1 (Sunday Evening)

1st Laura (Kreativ)

2nd Amy (LJ Cheer)

3rd Debra (Kreativ)

4th Danny (Emma Louise Cheer)

5th Alex (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Erin (Fusion)


4 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Isla (EL Cheer)

2nd Evie (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Kelly (Rhinestones)

4th Evelyn (EL Cheer)

5th Lucy (SDFC)

6th Beau-Mae (Aim2BDance)


5 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Freya (Slaters)

2nd Poppy (Unity IOM)

3rd Alyssia (Elite)

4th Bella (Elite)

5th Isla (Slaters)

6th Sophie (Elite)

7th Sophie (SDFC Blackburn)


7 Years Dance 2

1st Lily (Fever)

2nd Holly (SDFC Burnley)

3rd Pheobe Jade (Fever)

4th Eliza (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Darcie (Unity IOM)

6th Mila (Elite)

7th Macy (DWP)


8 Years Dance 2

1st Kobi (Next Level)

2nd Aleisha (Dance Dynamics)

3rd Ella (Dance with Passion)

4th Lola (Dance with Passion)

5th Isla (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Poppy (Fusion)

7th Ella (Fever)


9 Years Dance 2

1st Leah (Next Level)

2nd Phoebe (Fusion)

3rd Amelia (Fusion)

4th Heidi (Next Level)

5th Amelie (Dance with Passion)


10 Years Dance 2

1st Jessica (Elite)

2nd Jemima (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Maisie (Fever)

4th Macie (Danceforce)

5th Chloe (Fever)

6th Olivia (Fever)

7th Will (Kreativ)

8th Emily (Dance with Passion)


11 Years Dance 2

1st Chloe (Fever)

2nd Jasmine (Dance with Passion)

3rd Amelia (Kreativ)

4th Cadi (KP Stars)

5th Bethany (Fever)

6th Kacie (Fever)

7th Mia (SDFC Blackburn)

8th Caitlyn (Dance Dynamics)


12 Years Dance 2

1st Amba (Dance with Passion)

2nd Leia (KP Stars)

3rd Molly (Fever)

4th Chloe (Fever)

5th Gracie (Slaters)

6th Jessica (Carlova)

7th Ruby (Fever)


13 Years Dance 2

1st Lucy (Kanvas)

2nd Ruby (Kanvas)

3rd Riya (Fever)

4th Ellie (Dance with Passion)

5th An (Fever)

6th Emily (Kreativ) tie with Emily (TRDF)


Parents Dance 2 (Sunday Morning)








Parents Dance 2 (Sunday Evening)

1st Amy (LJ Cheer)

2nd Laura (Kreativ)

3rd Emma (Freedom2Dance)

4th Alex (Emma Louise Cheer)

5th Danny (Emma Louise Cheer) tie with Erin (Fusion)


7 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Summer (Elite)

2nd Mia (NL Cheer)

3rd Hope (Slaters)

4th Isla (Fever)

5th Tara (Unity IOM)

6th Pheobe Jade (Fever)

7th Darcie (Unity IOM)


8 Years Dance 3

1st Maya (Dance with Passion)

2nd Layla (Slaters)

3rd Abigail (TRDF)

4th Francesca (Slaters)

5th Chloe (Unity IOM)

6th Laila (Freedom 2 Dance)


9 Years Dance 3

1st Amelia (Fusion)

2nd Halle (Fever)

3rd Elivia (Fusion)

4th Mia (Freedom 2 Dance)

5th Phoebe (Fusion)

6th Eva (Elite)

7th Erin (Fusion)


10 Years Dance 3

1st Jessica (Elite)

2nd Madeline (Fever)

3rd Annabel (Fever)

4th Jemima (SDFC Nelson)

5th Katie (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Ellie (Slaters)


11 Years Dance 3

1st Sasha (Fever)

2nd Renee (Fever)

3rd Olivia (Dance with Passion)

4th Lilia (EL Cheer)

5th Olivia (SDFC Nelson)

6th Connie (Fever)

7th Amelia (Kreativ)


12 Years Dance 3

1st Darcey (Fever)

2nd Lucia (Fever)

3rd Sophie (BDPA)

4th Lucy (Carlova)

5th Dani (KP Stars)


13 Years (Dance 3)

1st Emily (Kreativ)

2nd Gwen (KP Stars)

3rd Lilia (Fusion)

4th Grace (Fusion)

5th Mia (Dance with Passion)

6th Jessica (Dance with Passion)

7th Evie (Dance with Passion)

8th Hannah (Fever)


Parents Dance 3 (Sunday Morning)

1st Louise (SDFC)

2nd Helen (TRDF)

3rd Clare (Elite)

4th Charlotte (Emma Loiuse Cheer)

5th Maxine (Emma Louise Cheer)

6th Sian (Unity IOM)

7th Lynn (?)

8th Laura (Emma Louise Cheer)


Parents Dance 3 (Sunday Evening)

1st Mags (TRDF)


7 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Mia (NL Cheer)

2nd Summer (Elite)

3rd Darcey (Unity IOM)

4th Dulcie (Unity IOM)

5th Pippa (Elite)

6th Abigail (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Harriet (EL Cheer)


8/9 Years Dance 4

1st Halle (Fever)

2nd Violet (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Lacey (Fever)

4th Maisie (Slaters)

5th Serretta (SDFC Nelson)

6th Leo (Slaters)

7th Grace (SDFC Blackburn)


10 Years Dance 4

1st Tilly (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Ella (Fever)

3rd May (Fever)

4th Ava (Elite)

5th Evie (NL Cheer)

6th Elsie (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Maisie (Aim2B Dance)


11 Years Dance 4

1st Shyah (Fever)

2nd Katie (Slaters)

3rd Lilia (Emma Louise Cheer)

4th Alexi (SDFC Nelson)

5th Olivia (Dance with Passion)

6th Devon (Kanvas)

7th Olivia (BDPA)


12 Years Dance 4

1st Holly (Fever)

2nd Sorry no name

3rd Paige (Slaters)

4th Darcey (Fever)

5th Emily (SDFC Nelson) tie with Ellie-May (Dance with Passion)


13 Years Dance 4

1st Emily (TRDF)

2nd Izzy (Dance with Passion)

3rd Caitlin (Slaters)

4th Madison (Elite)

5th Jessica (Elite)

6th Evie (TRDF)


Parents Dance 4

1st Kimberly (Aim2BDance)

2nd Jakki (TRDF)

3rd Kim (SDFC)

4th Sian (Unity IOM)

5th Imogen (SDFC)

6th Tracy (SDFC) tie with Emma (SDFC)

8th Becca (SDFC)


7 Years & Under Dance 5

1st Darcey (Unity IOM)

2nd Dulcie (Unity IOM)

3rd Alexa (TRDF)

4th Ella (Unity IOM)

5th Ellie (TRDF)

6th Bonnie (Unity IOM)

7th Summer (TRDF)


8/9 Years Dance 5

1st Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Abigail (TRDF)

3rd Tia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Lacey (Unity IOM)

5th Niamh (SDFC Blackburn)

6th Mia (NL Cheer)

7th Jessica (TRDF)


10 Years Dance 5

1st Ava (Elite)

2nd May (Fever)

3rd Ella (Fever)

4th Caitlin (TRDF)

5th Elsie (SDFC Blackburn) tie with Emily (TRDF)

7th Sydney (TRDF)

8th Evie (NL Cheer)


11 Years Dance 5

1st Sky (Fever)

2nd Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Macy (Elite)

4th Isabelle (Slaters)

5th Devon (Kanvas)

6th Chloe (SDFC Blackburn)

7th Elissya (TRDF)

8th Eva (SDFC Blackburn)

9th Amber (TRDF)


12/13 Years Dance 5

1st Lewis (TRDF)

2nd Ellie (Fever)

3rd Madison (Elite)

4th Gabriella (TRDF)

5th Caysie (Elite)


Parents Dance 5

1st Karla (TRDF)


5 Years & Under Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Freya (Slaters)

2nd Evie (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Amelia (Unity IOM)

4th Bluebell (Inspired 2 Dance)

5th Alexis (Fever)

6th Beau-Mae (Aim 2 B Dance)


6-7 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Abigail (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Ellie (TRDF)

3rd Domi (Kanvas)

4th Ella (Fever)

5th Katie (TRDF)

6th Jasmine (Danceworx)

7th Evie (Aim 2 B Dance)

8th Lily (Fever)


8-9 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Violet (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Jessica (Slaters)

4th Grace (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Olivia (Kreativ)

6th Kacey (Kreativ)

7th Isobel (Fever)

8th Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)


10-11 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Sasha (Fever)

2nd Sky (Fever)

3rd Shyah (Fever)

4th Heidi (Fever)

5th Olivia (Fever)

6th Daniel (Kreativ)

7th Elissya (TRDF)


12-13 Years Cheer Fusion Solo

1st Elle (Fever)

2nd Holly (Fever)

3rd Lucie (SDFC Nelson)

4th Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Georgia (SDFC Nelson)


Parents Cheer Fusion Solo (Sunday)

1st Julie (SDFC)

2nd Vicky (Danceweorx)

3rd Janine (Danceworx)

4th Lisa (Danceworx)


5 Years & Under Pairs

1st Bella & Partner (Elite)

2nd Isla& Partner (Slaters)

3rd Taylor & Partner (Slaters)

4th Lucy& Partner (Slaters)

5th Nola& Partner (Slaters)

6th Evie & Partner (Slaters)


6 Years Pairs

1st Holly& Partner (Unity IOM)

2nd Poppy& Partner (Elite)

3rd Scarlett& Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Amelia & Partner (Elite)

5th Ruby& Partner (Slaters)

6th Lois& Partner (Inspired 2 Dance)

7th Elizabeth& Partner (Aim 2 B Dance)

8th Evie & Partner (SDFC Burnley)


7 Years Pairs

1st Phoebe& Partner (SDFC Burnley)

2nd Domi& Partner (Kanvas)

3rd Liberty Leigh& Partner (Danceworx)

4th Kacey & Partner (Freedom 2 Dance)

5th Bennie & Partner (Slaters)


8 Years Pairs

1st Maya& Partner (Dance with Passion)

2nd Polly& Partner (Slaters)

3rd Francesca& Partner (Slaters)

4th Darcy& Partner (Unity IOM)

5th Aleisha& Partner (Dance Dynamics)


9 Years Pairs

1st Lily-Mai& Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Emily& Partner (Freedom 2 Dance)

3rd Izzie & Partner (Freedom 2 Dance)

4th Lexi & Partner (Freedom 2 Dance)

5th Eleanor& Partner (Freedom 2 Dance)

6th Lola & Partner (Dance with Passion)


10 Years Pairs

1st Phoebe & Partner (Dance with Passion)

2nd Jess & Partner (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Zuzan& Partner (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Michaela& Partner (Dance Dynamics)

5th Maisie& Partner (Aim2B Dance)

6th Ellie& Partner (Slaters)


11 Years Pairs

1st Heidi& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Milla& Partner (Dance with Passion)

3rd Millie & Partner (Unity IOM)

4th Darcy & Partner (Elite)

5th Kaeden& Partner (Slaters)

6th Abbie& Partner (Dance Dynamics)]


12 Years Pairs

1st Mia & Partner (Dance with Passion)

2nd Grace& Partner (Slaters)

3rd Thalia & Partner (Aim 2 B Dance)

4th Ruby & Partner (Kreativ)

5th Lucie& Partner (SDFC Nelson)

6th Grace& Partner (Kreativ)


13 Years Pairs

1st Lewis& Partner (TRDF)

2nd Aimee & Partner (Dance with Passion)

3th Amelia& Partner (Slaters)

4th Faye& Partner (Slaters)

5th Kacey & Partner (Freedom2Dance)

6th Eleni& Partner (TRDF)






5 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Slaters Tiny Stars

2nd LJ Cheer Tots

3rd Unity Twinkles


7 Years & Under Small Squad (6 dancers)

1st Rigby’s Rascals

2nd F2D Cuties

3rd DWP Darlings

4th Divalicious

5th LJ Cheer Minis


7 Years & Under Small (7-12 dancers)

1st Team Power

2nd Baby Spirit

3rd Slaters Twinkle Stars

4th BS Elite Sparkles

5th Unity Tinies

6th Emma Louise Teeny’s


7 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Sparkles


9 Years & Under Small Squad (6-8 dancers)

1st Rigby’s Rockettes

2nd Fusion Cheerios

3rd Elite Angels of Aerobics

4th Unity Titans

5th SDFC Shooting Stars


9 Years & Under Small Squad (9-12 dancers)

1st Junior Spirit

2nd Slaters Sparkle Stars

3rd DWP Gatsby

4th Emma Louise Dynamites


9 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fusion Cheerios

2nd Fevers Flames

3rd F2D Fierce

4th LJ Cheer Sparkles


11 Years & Under Small Squad (6-9 dancers)

1st Slaters Bronze Stars

2nd KP Stars

3rd Team Ariana

4th DWP

5th Cheery Bubbles

6th LJ Cheer Sparks


11 Years & Under Small Squad (10-12 dancer)

1st Fevers Fireworks

2nd Rigby’s Rhinestones

3rd Team Spirit

4th F2d Explosion


11 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Firelights





13 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Rigby’s Revolution

2nd Sass Squad

3rd Elite Queen of Combat

4th Kreativ

5th Rhinestones Rockettes

6th Forever Fusion

7th Emma Louise Intensity


13 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Firelights







15 Years & Under Small Squad

1st DWP The Mask

2nd Rigby’s Rivals

3rd Senior Spirit

4th LJ Cheer Elite


15 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Sandersons Supersonics

2nd Go Dance Dynamites

3rd Go Dance Glitterballs


17 Years & Under Small Squad

1st DWP Copacabana

2nd Slaters Gold Stars

3rd F2D Warriors

4th Cyclone

5th Encore

6th Rhinestones Rebels

7th Poppleton


17 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Flyers

2nd Next Level Storm


Adult Small Squad

  1. Is. Cheer


Adult Large Squad

  1. Fevers Fighters


Parents Squad

  1. Fevers Finest