Cheerdance UK Results Blackpool March 2019

4 Years & Under Dance 1

1st Ruby (Slaters)

2nd Izzy (Rigby)

3rd Nola (Slaters)

4th Sienna Rose (ZDTA)
5th Cora (DWP)

6th Evie (SDFC Blackburn)


5 Years Dance 1

1st Daisy (Dance Unity)

2nd Anya (F2D) tie with Ella (Empire)

4th Sophie (SDFC Blackburn)

5th Indi (Fever)

6th Poppy (Fever)

7th Bonnie (Unity Dance)


6 Years Dance 1

1st Hollie (Dance Unity)

2nd Evie (F2D)

3rd Liberty Leigh (Danceworxx)

4th Ruby (Rigby)

5th Erin (Empire)

6th Ella (F2D)


7 Years Dance 1

1st Ella (DWP)

2nd Delta (Danceworxx)

3rd Lola (DWP)

4th Bella (Fever)

5th Ivy Maria Capri (Danceworxx) tie with Taylor (Unity Dance)

7th Macy (Dance with Passion)


8 Years Dance 1

1st Lily (Elite)

2nd Lacey (Fever)

3rd Sienna (DWP)

4th Chloe (Unity Dance)

5th Sienna (F2D)

6th Freya (F2D)


9 Years Dance 1

1st Chloe (Fever)

2nd Miley (Dance Unity)

3rd Rayanne (Dance Unity)

4th Harriett (F2D)

5th Georgina (Gena’s Dance)

6th Lily (F2D)

7th Oscar (Fever)


8/9 Years ASN Dance 1

1st Tilly (Dancelicious)


10 Years Dance 1

1st Ella-Mae (Dance Unity)

2nd Ella (Dance Unity)

3rd Jessica (Rigby)

4th Caitlin ( Dance Untiy)

5th Erin (Slaters)


11 Years Dance 1

1st Neve (Fever)

2nd Nicole (Gena S Dance)

3rd  Amy (fever)

4th Holly (Fever)

5th Aneira (Dance Unity)

6th Alisha (Fever)

7th Emiky -Grayce (Danceworxx)


12/13 Years Dance 1

1st Kelsey (Rigby)

2nd Katie (Rigby)

3rd Eleni (Rigby)

4th Iyla (Rigby)

5th Sarah (Inferno fireflies)

6th Phoebe (Inferno Fireflies)


12/13 Years ASN Dance 1

1st Tia (Dancelicious)


13 Years & Under Dance 1 (Saturday evening)

1st Jessica (Reeders)

2nd Bobbie-Jo (F2D)

3rd Chanel (F2D)

4th Madison (Reeders)

5th Gina (F2D)

6th Jorja (Reeders)


14 Years & Over Dance 1

1st Janay (Reeders)

2nd Jeanie (Reeders)

3rd Freya (Go Dance Studios)

4th Sophie (LJ Cheer)


14 Years & Over ASN Dance 1

1st Freya (Inferno Fireflies)


Parents Dance 1 (Saturday evening)

1st Louise (Elite)

2nd Emma (Rigby)

3rd Paula (Elite)

4th Nicola (Dancelicious)

5th Sharon (Empire)


Parents Dance 1 (Sunday Morning)

1st Samantha (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Vicky (Dance Unity)

3rd Summer (Elite)

4th Melanie (Dancelicous)

5th Janine (Dance Unity)

6th Emma (Elite)

7th Helen (Elite)

8th Adam (Fever)


Parents Dance 1 (Sunday Evening)

1st Sharon (Rigby)

2nd Agata (Dancelicious)

3rd Jade (Danceworxx)


5 Years & Under Dance 2

1st Daisy (Dance Unity)

2nd Bennie (Slaters)

3rd Poppy (Unity Dance)

4th Ava (Fever)

5th Freya (Slaters)

6th Anya (F2D)


6 Years Dance 2

1st Pippa (Elite)

2nd Millie (Empire)

3rd Clare (Elite)

4th Georgia (Fusion)

5th Georgie (Slaters)

6th Holly (Unity Dance)

7th Gaby (Elite)

8th Megan (Nicola’s School of Dance)


7 Years Dance 2

1st Lacey (Dance Unity)

2nd Grace (Empire)

3rd Lila (Dance Unity)

4th Elise (Empire)

5th Isla (Fusion)

6th Ellie (Rigby)

7th Scarlett (SDFC Blackburn)


8 Years Dance 2

1st Beatrice (ZTDA)

2nd Lucie (Fusion)

3rd Eva (Elite)

4th Charlie (Fusion)

5th Skye (Empire)

6th Olivia (F2D)

7th Harley (Empire)


9 Years Dance 2

1st Gracie (Dance Unity)

2nd Miley (Dance Unity)

3rd Apple (Dance Unity)

4th Georgina (Gena’s Dance)

5th Alexa (Gena’s Dance)

6th Olivia (Fusion Warriors)

7th Ruby-Lynn (Rigby)


10 Years Dance 2

1st Ella Mae (Dance Unity)

2nd Ella (Dance Unity)

3rd Sasha (Fever)

4th Chloe (Fever)

5th Emily (Unity dance)

6th Isabel (Dance With Passion)

7th Amy (Gena S Dance)

8th Abigail (Freedom2Dance)


11 Years Dance 2

1st Francesca (Gena S Dance)

2nd Mair (Gena S Dance)

3rd Ruby (Nicola S School of dance)

4th Nicole (Gena S Dance)

5th Millie (Freedom2Dance)

6th Gracie (Dance with Passion)


12 Years Dance 2

1st Ria (Fever)

2nd Eleni (Rigby)

3rd Jessica (Dance with passion)

4th Sasha (Nicola S School of dance)

5th Emily (Carlova)

6th Phoebe (Inferno)

7th Alexia (Fever)


13 Years Dance 2

1st Bethany (Dancelicious)

2nd Izzy (Danceforce)

3rd Hannah (Fever)

4th Kelsey (Rigby)

5th Ellie (Dance with passion)

6th Anna (Fever)


13 Years & Under Dance 2 (Saturday evening)

1st Jaye (Next Level)

2nd Tianne (DWP)

3rd Rubie (F2D)

4th Emmie (Next Level)

5th Evie (Unity Dance)

6th Jessica (Reeders)

7th Milly (Next Level)

8th Evie (F2D)


14 Years Dance 2

1st Katie (Topaz)

2nd Janay (Reeders)

3rd Holly (LJ Cheer)

4th Hannah (LJ Cheer)

5th Ranya (Go Dance Studios)

6th Nalan (F2D)

7th Ellie (Reeders)


15 Years & Over Dance 2

1st Liana (Rigby)

2nd Kate (DWP)

3rd Bethany (Next Level)

4th Melissa (Next Level)

5th Courtney (Empire)

6th Lucy (Next Level)


Parents Dance 2 (Saturday evening)

1st Mags (Rigby)

2nd Clare (F2D)

3rd Louise (Elite)

4th Emma (Rigby)

5th Paula (Elite)

6th Emma (Slaters)

7th Paul (Unity Dance)


Parents Dance 2 (Sunday Morning)

1st Toni (Rigby)

2nd Samantha (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Cheryl (Empire)

4th Summer (Elite)

5th Sam (Fever)

6th Jennifer (F2D)

7th Michael (Dance Unity()


Parents Dance 2 (Sunday Evening)

1st Sharon (Rigby)

2nd Millie (Freedom 2 Dance)

3rd Emma (Dancelicious)

4th Agata (Dancelicious)

5th Jade (Danceworxx)


7 Years & Under Dance 3

1st Layla (Slaters)

2nd Pixie (Dance Unity)

3rd Maya (DWP)

4th Martha (DWP)

5th Laila (F2D)

6th Pippa (Elite)

7th Clare (Elite)

8th Lily (Fever)


8 Years Dance 3

1st Abigail (Rigby)

2nd Erin (Fusion)

3rd Ruby (Elite)

4th Beatrice (ZTDA)

5th Ruby (Empire)

6th Eva (Elite)


9 Years Dance 3

1st Niamh (Fusion)

2nd Miley (Dance Unity)

3rd Apple (Dance Unity)

4th Gracie (Dance Unity)

5th Elivia (Fusion)

6th Joshua (Fever)


10 Years Dance 3

1st Emily (Go Dance)

2nd Poppy (Fusion)

3rd Ruby (Slaters)

4th Alice (Fusion)

5th Abi (Dance Unity)

6th Rosie (DWP)


11 Years Dance 3

1st Elle (Fever)

2nd Sorry no name

3rd Mair (Gena’s Dance)

4th Francesca (Gena’s Dance)

5th Leah (SDFC Blackburn)


12 Years Dance 3

1st Lilia (fusion)

2nd Lucy (Empire)

3rd Grace (Fusion)

4th Mia (Dance with passion
5th Jennifer (Dance unity)


13 Years Dance 3

1st Leah (Fusion)

2nd Lily (fever)

3rd Katie (Rigby)

4th Kacey (Freedom2dance)

5th Abbey (Fever)

6th Jess (Dance with passion)

7th Izzy (Danceforce)


12 Years & Under Dance 3 (Saturday evening)

1st Sophie (Unity Dance)

2nd Eloise (Rushby)

3rd Olivia (Rushby)

4th Tycie (Unity Dance)

5th Jessica (Unity Dance)

6th Izzy (Go Dance Studios)

7th Niamh (Fusion Warriors)

8th Ella (Unity Dance)


13 Years Dance 3

1st Ella (DWP)

2nd Rosie (Gena’s Dance) tie with Eve (F2D)

4th Lyla (Gena’s Dance)

5th Karis (Empire)


14 Years Dance 3

1st Katie (Topaz)

2nd Emma (Gena’s Dance)

3rd Chanel (Dancelicious)

4th Amber (DWP)

5th Grace (DWP)

6th Phillipa-Rose (Dancelicious)

7th Ella (Dancelicious)


15 Years Dance 3

1st Bobbi (F2D)

2nd Alicia (Gena’s Dance)

3rd Lily (Gena’s Dance)

4th Sophie (F2D)

5th Eloise (DWP)

6th Harriet (DWP)

7th Freya (DWP)


16 Years Dance 3

1st Millie (Fever)

2nd Izzy (Rigby)

3rd Mia (DWP)

4th Sophie (Empire)

5th Taylor (Fusion Warriors)

6th Brianna (Fever)

7th Rachel (D&K)


17 Years Dance 3

1st Mia (Fever)

2nd Katie (Next Level)

3rd Bethany (F2D)

4th Aimee (Go Dance Studios)

5th Paige (Slaters)

6th Bethany (Rigby)


18 Years & Over Dance 3

1st Nina (Fever)

2nd Jasmin (Fever)

3rd Ffion (Dancelicious)

4th Lauren (Empire)

5th Chloe (Slaters)


Parents Dance 3 (Saturday evening)

1st Emma (Slaters)

2nd Lindsey (Unity Dance)

3rd Martina (SDFC Nelson)

4th Julie (SDFC Nelson)

5th Nadine (Inferno Fireflies)

6th Liz (Empire)


Parents Dance 3 (Sunday Morning)

1st Cheryl (Empire)

2nd Janine (Rigby)

3rd Laura (Rigby)

4th Victoria (Dancelicious)

5th Christine (Empire)

6th Natasha (Unity Dance)


Parents Dance 3 (Sunday Evening)

1st Layla (Slaters)

2nd Julie (SDFC)

3rd Emma (Dancelicious)

4th Beth (Dancelicious)

5th Vic (SDFC)

6th Evie (Slaters)


7 Years & Under Dance 4

1st Krystina Vera (Dancelicious)

2nd Ella (Unity Dance)

3rd Cara (Fever)

4th Darcey (Unity Dance)

5th Darcy (Unity Dance)

6th Lucy (Fever)


8/9 Years Dance 4

1st Ruby (Elite)

2nd Lexie (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Jessica (Rigby)

4th Caitlin (Rigby)

5th Phoebe (DWP)

6th Halle (Fever)

7th Sophie-Ann (Dancelicious)


10 Years Dance 4

1st Amy (Elite)

2nd Ava (Elite)

3rd Shyah (Fever)

4th Izzy ( Rigby)

5th Macy (Elite)

6th Olivia (Dance with Passion)

7th Ellen (Carlova)


11 Years Dance 4

1st Hollie (Rigby)

2nd Darcey(Inferno)

3rd Alivia (Ztda)

4th Paige (Slaters)

5th Abbie (Empire)

6th Charlotte (SDFC Bburn)


12 Years Dance 4

1st Madison (Elite)

2nd Izzy (Dance with passion)

3rd Emily (Rigby)

4th Ellie-May (Dance With Passion)

5th Jennifer (Dance Unity)

6th Sydney (Dancelicious)

7th Caitlin (Slaters)


13 Years Dance 4

1st Amelia (Rigby)

2nd Carrie Ann (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Jacie (Fever)

4th Meg (Slaters)

5th Jodie (Slaters)


13 Years & Under Dance 4 (Saturday evening)

1st Alice (Dancelicious)

2nd Sophie (Unity Dance)

3rd Lily (Elite)

4th Rachel (Empire)

5th Ella (DWP)

6th Phoebe (Unity Dance)

7th Lyla (Gena’s Dance)


14 Years Dance 4

1st Jessica (Rigby)

2nd Sophia (SDFC Blackburn)

3rd Amelia (DWP)

4th Lucinda (Fever)

5th Olivia (Unity Dance)

6th Emma (Gena’s Dance)


15 Years Dance 4

1st Jessica (Empire)

2nd Alicia (Gena’s Dance)

3rd Daisy (Rushby)

4th Kia (F2D)

5th Tia (Unity Dance)

6th Tayla (SDFC Nelson)


16 Years Dance 4

1st Ellie (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Erin (Rigby)

3rd Sophie (Fever)

4th Morven (Empire)

5th Christie (Empire)

6th Bethan (Dancelicious)


17 Years Dance 4

1st Hannie (DWP)

2nd Jess (DWP)

3rd Fateemah (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Ella (SDFC Nelson)

5th Harriet (DWP)

6th Amy (Empire)

7th Abbey (Slaters)

8th Kirsty (Empire)


18 Years & Over Dance 4

1st Molly (Fever)

2nd Beckie (Fever)

3rd Eden (DWP)

4th Ffion (Dancelicious)

5th Elizabeth (Fever)

6th Lauren (DWP)


Parents Dance 4 (Saturday evening)

1st Nicki (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Tracey (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Kirsty (SDFC Nelson)

4th Nadine (Inferno Fireflies)


Parents Dance 4 (Sunday Morning)

1st Karla (Rigby)

2nd Kim (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Jakki (Rigby)

4th Helen (Rigby)

5th Sian (Unity Dance)

6th Becca (SDFC Nelson)

7th Louise (SDFC Nelson)


Parents Dance 4 (Sunday Evening)

1st Beth (Dancelicious


7 Years & Under Dance 5

1st Georgia (SDFC Blackburn)


8/9 Years Dance 5

1st Imogen (SDFC Blackburn)

2nd Jessica (Rigby)

3rd Tia (SDFC Blackburn)

4th Rosie (Rigby)


10/11 Years Dance 5

1st Gabriella (Rigby)
2nd Holly (Fever)

3rd Imogen (SDFC Bburn)

4th Georgia (SDFC Bburn)

5th chloe (SDFC Bburn)

6th Millie (SDFC Nelson)


12/13 Years Dance 5

1st Lewis (Rigby)

2nd Keevey (Fever)

3rd Codie (Slaters)

4th Lucy (Empire
5th Saskia (Rigby)

6th Grace (Slaters)

7th Zoe (Fever)

8th Izaac (Fever)


13 Years & Under Dance 5 (Saturday evening)

1st Bethany (Rushby)

2nd Sophie (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Honey (DWP)

4th Faith (Rushby)

5th Ruby (Unity Dance)

6th Harriet (Rushby)

7th Keira (Elite)


14 Years Dance 5

1st Eve (SDFC Nelson)

2nd Claudia (DWP)

3rd Chloe (Rigby)

4th Kate (DWP)

5th Molly (DWP)


15 Years Dance 5

1st Lily (Rushby)

2nd Megan (SDFC Nelson)

3rd Emily (DWP)

4th Lola (Elite)

5th Carmen (Empire)

6th Kayleigh (Unity Dance)


16/17 Years Dance 5

1st Lucy (DWP)

2nd Ryan (Dancelicious)

3rd Amber (Elite)

4th Lauren (Empire)

5th Amy (Fever)

6th Morgan (SDFC Blackburn)


18 Years & Over Dance 5

1st Megan (Rushby)

2nd Alex (Fever)

3rd Hannah (Elite)

4th Shawn (Slaters)

5th Millie (SDFC Nelson)

6th Amy (SDFC Nelson)


Parents Dance 5 (Sunday Morning)

1st Teare (Dance Unity)


5 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Slaters Tiny Stars

2nd Fevers Fives


7 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Cheerios

2nd Too Cute

3rd Tiny Troubles

4th Baby Spirit

5th Danceworxx Divalicious

6th DWP Darlings

7th LJ Cheer Minis

8th Slaters Twinkle Stars


7 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Sparkles

2nd Mini Empire

3rd Unity’s Tinies


9 Years & Under Small Squad (8 dancers or less)

1st Junior Spirit

2nd Slaters Sparkle Stars

3rd Sanderson Superstars

4th DNL Trolls

5th LCA Unicorns

6th LJ Cheer Sparkles


9 Years & Under Small Squad (9-12 dancers)

1st Twinkles

2nd Fevers Flames

3rd Rascals

4th Empire-express

5th DWP Space


9 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Cheertastic

2nd Too Fierce


11 Years & Under Small Squad

1st TR Teamstars

2nd Fevers Firecrackers

3rd Team Spirit

4th Slaters Bronze Stars

5th DWP 90s

6th Go Dance Dazzlers

7th LJ Cheer Sparks


11 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Firelights


13 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Tiaras

2nd Thoroughly modern cheer

3rd Forever fusion

4th DNL sunshine

5th L J Cheer Diamonds

6th Ignite

7th Fusion warriors


13 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Fireflies

2nd Sanderson Supersparks

3rd Slaters Silver Stars

4th Too Flawless

5th Empire -xplosion

6th DWP Disco

7th Allstar Supers


15 Years & Under Small Squad

1st DNL Diamond Freaks

2nd Slaters Stars

3rd LJ Cheer Elite

4th Illuminate


15 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Sanderson Supersonics

2nd F2D Storm

3rd DWP Revolution

4th Empire-xtreme


17 Years & Under Small Squad

1st Next Level Tigers

2nd Senior Spirit

3rd BS Elite Sapphires

4th F2D Warriors

5th Fusion Warriors

6th Rebels


17 Years & Under Large Squad

1st Fevers Flyers

2nd Empire Elite

3rd Unity’s Elite Squad

4th DWP Schools Out

5th Go Dance Elite


Adult Small Squad

1st DWP Tribal

2nd This. Is. Cheer

3rd DNL Divine

4th Next Level Diamonds

5th Allstar Sparklers


Adult Large Squad

1st Fevers Fighters

2nd Rigby Rebels

3rd SDC Stingers

4th Sanderson Supernovas

5th Slaters Gold Stars


Parents Squad

1st Fevers Finest

2nd Rigby Rubies

3rd Go Dance Diamantes

4th Sanderson Sugarmamas

5th Unity’s Diamond Squad

6th F2D Diamonds