Cheerdance UK Competition Results 29th September 2013

4 Years Tots Dance
 1st Esme Unsworth (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Grace Eccleston (Sandersons Blackburn)
3rd Megan Hurst (Dance with Passion)
4th Charlotte Cook (Sandersons Blackburn)
5th Maisie Brotherton (Sandersons Burnley)
6th Isla Prentice (WCD Elite)
7th Aimee Howarth (Dance with Passion)

5 Years Tots Dance
1st Olivia Kirby (Rushby)
2nd Ruby Rowley (Rushby)
3rd Freya Allen (WCD Elite)
4th Molly Caffrey (Dance with Passion)
5th Lucy Jackson (Tracey Rigby)
6th Madison Shields (Truth)
7th Ellen Jennings (Carlova)

 6 Years Tots Dance
1st Tullia Jones (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd Summer Spiller (Rushby)
3rd Ellee Cressey (Rushby)
4th Jessica Fraser (WCD Elite)
5th Ellie-Mai Lawton (Dance with Passion)
6th Alivia Johnston-Booth (Zoe Taylor)
7th Abbie Hayes (Tracey Rigby)

5 Years Dance 1
1st Holly Ritson (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Katie-May Lambert (Sandersons Blackburn)
3rd Miley Whittingham (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th Amber Turner (Tracey Rigby)
5th Bethany Rudge (RDDC)

6 Years Dance 1
1st Alana Hulme (Sandersons Blackburn)
2nd Reiss Gallacher (Hellcats)
3rd Charlie Dickinson (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th Imogen Ball (Sandersons Blackburn)
5th Bexx Flint (WCD Elite)
6th Maddison Norris (KR Dance)

 7 Years Dance 1
1st Teri Price (Hellcats)
2nd Michelle Lingard (Sandersons Blackburn)
3rd Emma Lancaster (Truth)
4th Sienna Richardson (KR Dance)
5th Eromi Navaratnan (RDDC)

8 Years Dance 1
1st Kaci Cressey (Rushby)
2nd Molly McHugh (Zoe Taylor)
3rd Amelia Brown (Energize)
4th Ellis Vickers (Tracey Rigby)
5th Tiagan Bingham (Dance with Passion)

9 Years Dance 1
1st Drew Denham (Hellcats)
2nd Isabella Smith (Energize)
3rd Caterina Lombard (Tracey Rigby)
4th David MacLennan (WCD Elite)
5th Indika Jarrett (Truth)
6th Molly Townsend (Energize)

10 Years Dance 1
1st Tiah Gallagher (Hellcats)
2nd Matilda Ward (Truth)
3rd Daisy Dixon (Rushby)
4th Phoebe Baxter (Sandersons Blackburn)
5th Cassie Middleton (Dance with Passion)
6th Alicia Ding (Rushby)
7th Chloe MacIver (WCD Elite)

11 Years Dance 1
1st Talia Main (Amanda Nicole)
2nd Cara Handley (Dance with Passion)
3rd Tiana Bingham (Dance with Passion)
4th Ellie Sewell (Amanda Nicole)
5th Teegan Smith (WCD Elite)
6th Alexandra Grant (Carlova)

12 Years Dance 1
1st Leoni Fenwick (Hellcats)
2nd Leah Gallagher (Hellcats)
3rd Rhona MacIlroy (WCD Elite)
4th Olivia Hall (Amanda Nicole)
5th Molly Taylor (Rushby)

13 Years Dance 1
1st Ellie Baxter (Sandersons Blackburn)
2nd Grace Ward (Truth)

14 Years & Over Dance 1
1st Chloe Shakeshaft (D & K)
2nd Madeleine Attwood-Jones (Sandersons Blackburn)
3rd Jay Nicol (WCD Elite)
4th Tie between Rebecca Joyce (Tracey Rigby) and Eleanor Webb (Tracey Rigby)

Mums Dance 1
1st Jackie Vannet (Rushby)
2nd Jakki Hayes (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Clare Robinson (Rushby)
4th Kerry Cressey (Rushby)
5th Sylvia Allcock (Sandersons Blackburn)
6th Kirsty Casey (Sandersons Blackburn)

7 Years & Under Dance 2
1st Ava-Grayce Gregson (Sandersons Blackburn)
2nd Issy Riley (Sandersons Burnley)
3rd Kira Billington (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th Natalie Fonseka (Tracey Rigby)
5th Emily Hewitt-Hughes (Greens)
6th Summer Moorhouse (Sandersons Burnley)

8 Years Dance 2
1st Faith Cressey (Rushby)
2nd Catalina Herne (Sandersons Blackburn)
3rd Jessica Griffiths (Tracey Rigby)
4th Emily Tomlinson (Sandersons Blackburn)
5th Georgia Worthington (Sandersons Nelson)
6th Olivia Cooper (Tracey Rigby)

9 Years Dance 2
1st Beth Keith (Dance with Passion)
2nd Chloe Burton (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Sophie Branthwaite (Dance with Passion)
4th Tia Wilson (Dance with Passion)
5th Lucy Brotherton (Sandersons Burnley)
6th Emily Rolfe (Zoe Taylor)
7th Lucy Hewitt-Hughes (Greens)

10 Years Dance 2
1st Keeley Hawes (KR Dance)
2nd Katie Patterson (Amanda Nicole)
3rd Emily Blacklidge (Dance with Passion)
4th Lily Holt-Milsom (KR Dance)
5th Olivia Cottrell (Truth)
6th Sophie Hutchinson (Rushby)

11 Years Dance 2
1st Laura Byrne (Dance with Passion)
2nd Courtney Smith (Dance with Passion)
3rd Jessica Langton (D&K Dance Club)
4th Amy Pearson (Tracey Rigby)
5th Sophie Clark (Rushby)
6th Kayla Brown (WCD Elite)

12 Years Dance 2
1st Emily Price (Hellcats)
2nd Jennifer MacKenzie (WCD Elite)
3rd Orla McManamon (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th Lauren McAllister (Sandersons Nelson)
5th Allana Smith (WCD Elite)
6th Georgia Walker-Carter (Sandersons Clitheroe)
7th Lauren Bradshaw (Sandersons Clitheroe)
8th Lucy Ford (Sandersons Clitheroe)

13 Years Dance 2
1st Hannah Killick (Rushby)
2nd Bethany Morris (Truth)
3rd Courtney Yates (Zoe Taylor)
4th Amy Youd (D&K Dance Club)
5th Nina Telford (Ribblesdale)
6th Rachel Lewis (Amanda Nicole)

14 Years Dance 2
1st Niamh Prestwood (Rushby)
2nd Leah Ryan (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Maria Wood (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th Erin Threlfall (Sandersons Blackburn)
5th Ebony Finch (Sandersons Blackburn)

15 Years Dance 2
1st Mollie Thistlethwaite (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Alexandra Speake (Danceworks)
3rd Charlotte Beadle (Rushby)
4th Amy Lewis (D & K)
5th Amy Taylor (Rushby)

16 Years Dance 2
1st Chloe Hall (Rushby)
2nd Rachel Hamlett (D&K)
3rd Grace Eccles (Truth)
4th Hayley Welsh (Dance with Passion)
5th Kaman Dack (Hellcats)
6th Rosie Middleton (Rushby)

17 Years Dance 2
1st Caitlin McNally (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Amelia Cottrell (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Tara Aziz (Hellcats)
4th Shannon Beetham (Greend)
5th Becky Corcoran (Dance with Passion)

18 Years & over Dance 2
1st Hannah Westby (Carloova)
2nd Nikki Arton (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Cat Moore (Carlova)
4th Sophie Smith (Carlova)
5th Chloe Smith (Carlova)
6th Sarah Ainsworth (Carlova)

Mums Dance 2
1st Anita Hesketh (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Michelle Brumpton (Rushby)
3rd Lynn McMahon (Tracey Rigby)
4th Sally Yelland (Dance with Passion)
5th Tracey Ormandy (Tracey Rigby)
6th Louise Shotton (Dance with Passion)

9 Years & Under Dance 3
1st Camden Craven (Sandersons Blackburn)
2nd Alisha Brand (Rushby)
3rd Abbi Dobbing (Rushby)
4th Angel Pennington (Sandersons Burnley)
5th Lewis Burton (Tracey Rigby)
6th Jodie Weller (Sandersons Nelson)
7th Tayla Davenport (Sandersons Nelson)

10 Years Dance 3
1st Anya Thompson (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd Lily Jobber (Rushby)
3rd Leanne MacIver (WCD Elite)
4th Jessica Proctor (Sandersons Burnley)
5th Jessica Milne (WCD Elite)
6th Halle Abbott (Sandersons Burnley)
7th Ellie Fraser (WCD Elite)

11 Years Dance 3
1st Darcey O’Brien (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd Aidan White (WCD Elite)
3rd Freya Marsden (Sandersons Nelson)
4th Rebecca Duffy (Sandersons Nelson)
5th Ella Purvis (Sandersons Nelson)

12 Years Dance 3
1st Emma Bamber (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd Emily Jones (Rushby)
3rd Ellie Mae McWilliam (Rushby)
4th Morgan Herne (Sandersons Blackburn)
5th Nadine Milne (WCD Elite)
6th Kiera Stevenson (Sandersons Burnley)

13 Years Dance 3
1st Lucy Peck (Rushby)
2nd Paige Cox (Rushby)
3rd Marketa Ballan (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th Georgia Smith (WCD Elite)
5th Caitlin MacAre (WCD Elite)
6th Bethany Vannet (Rushby)

14 Years Dance 3
1st Ellie McVann (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Faye Forshaw (Truth)
3rd Sammy Hutchinson (Rushby)
4th Emily Pickup (Sandersons Nelson)
5th Amelia Cardwell (Sandersons Blackburn)
6th Amy Nicholls (Truth)
7th Terri McIvor (WCD Elite)

15 Years Dance 3
1st Ella Howarth (Dance with Passion)
2nd Shannon Thompson (Rushby)
3rd Danielle Olivant (Sandersons Nelson)
4th Katie Peck (Rushby)
5th Nikita McIntyre (Tracey Rigby)
6th Molly Plaskitt (Rushby)
7th Charlotte Robinson (Rushby)

16 Years Dance 3
1st Amy Savidge (Rushby)
2nd Emily Kellett (Dance with Passion)
3rd Rebecca Norris (Tracey Rigby)
4th Rebecca Hewitt (Rushby)
5th Rebecca Nicholls (Truth)

17 Years Dance 3
1st Jessica Keogh (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd Rebecca Johnson (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Sophie Commons (Sandersons Nelson)
4th Sarah Midgley (Sandersons Nelson)
5th Carrie Robson (Hellcats)
6th Lydia Gleeson (Sandersons Nelson)
7th Claire Flower (WCD Elite)

18 Years & Over Dance 3
1st Rachel Taylor (Dance with Passion)
2nd Sophie Mills (Tracey Rigby)

9 Years & Under Dance 4
1st Sophie Oliver (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Abby Christison (WCD Elite)
3rd Ellie Wolstenholme (Tracey Rigby)
4th Mackenzie Ormandy (Tracey Rigby)
5th Theo Collier (Tracey Rigby)
6th Libby Taylor (Dance with Passion)

10-11 Years Dance 4
1st Caisey Shotton (Dance with Passion)
2nd Sophie Williams (Dance with Passion)
3rd Lauren Newbury (Tracey Rigby)
4th Keris McCarron (Tracey Rigby)
5th Lucy Welsh (Dance with Passion)
6th Emma McCarthy (WCD Elite)

12-13 Years Dance 4
1st Megan Jobber (Rushby)
2nd Beth Carrigan (Dance with Passion)
3rd Georgia Bullivent (Rushby)
4th Amy Duckworth (Sandersons Burnley)
5th Courtney Cameron (WCD Elite)
6th Ashley McMahon (Tracey Rigby)

14-15 Years Dance 4
1st Emileigh Dixon (Rushby)
2nd Beth Purvor (Tracey Rigby)
3rd Millie Rothwell (Sandersons Nelson)
4th Louise Bell (Rushby)
5th Amber Brunton (Sandersons Nelson)
6th Mary Hanley (Rushby)
7th Courtnie Parker (Energize)

16-17 Years Dance 4
1st Megan Brand (Rushby)
2nd Yasmin Roberts (Sandersons Nelson)
3rd Katie Smith (Sandersons Nelson)
4th Charlotte Callaway (Rushby)
5th Eden Singleton (Dance with Passion)
6th Lucy Wainwright (Rushby)
7th Sammy Preston (Sandersons Nelson)

18 Years & Over Dance 4
1st Caris Ginn (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd Amy Forsythe (Sandersons Nelson)
3rd Shelley MacDonald (WCD Elite)

7 Years & Under Small Squad
1st Tiny Trouble (Tracey Rigby)
2nd Angels with Attitude (Rushby)
3rd Baby Spirit (Sandersons Blackburn)
4th DWP Stars (Dance with Passion)
5th BE Elite Sparkles (Sandersons Burnley)
6th WCD Elite Sparks (WCD Wlite)

9 Years & Under Small Squad
1st Twinkles (Tracey Rigby)
2nd BS Elite Crystals (Sandersons Burnley) 

9 Years & Under Large Squad
1st Junior Spirit (Dance with Passion)

11 Years & Under Small Squad
1st Warrior Wasps (Rushby)
2nd BS Elite Sapphires (Sandersons Burnley)
3rd WCD Elite Sparklers (WCD Elite)
4th Truth Tigers (Truth)

11 Years & Under Large Squad
1st TR Team Stars (Tracey Rigby)
2nd DWP Party Rockers (Dance with Passion)

13 Years & Under Small Squad
1st DWP Divas (Dance with Passion)
2nd ANSD (Amanda Nicole)
3rd Junior Hellcats (Hellcats)
4th WCD Elite Thunder (WCD Elite)

13 Years & Under Large Squad
1st Sandersons Supersonics (Sandersons Nelson)
2nd CS Panthers (Sandersons Clitheroe)

15 Years & Under Small Squad
1st WCD Elite Lightning (WCD Elite)
2nd X-Treme Energy (Energize)

15 Years & Under Large Squad
1st Team Extreme (Rushby)
2nd Sandersons Supremos (Sandersons Nelson)

17 Years & Under Small Squad
1st WCD Elite Storm (WCD Elite)
2nd D & K Fusion (D & K)
3rd Evergreen (Greens)
4th Senior Hellcats (Hellcats)

17 Years & Under Large Squad
1st Senior Spirit (Sandersons Blackburn)
2nd BS Elite Diamonds (Sandersons Burnley)
3rd Dance with Passion (Dance with Passion)
4th Tiger Elite (Truth)

Adult Small Squad
1st WCD Elite Force (WCD Elite)
2nd Carlova Allstars (Carlova)

Adult Large Squad
1st SDC Stingers (Rushby)
2nd Sandersons Supernovas (Sandersons Nelson)
3rd Rigby Rebels (Tracey Rigby)

Mums Squad
1st RDFC Divas (Rushby)
2nd Sandersons Sugarmammas (Sandersons Nelson)
3rd WCD Elite Dolly Rockers (WCD Elite)
4th Free Spirit (Sandersons Blackburn)