A brand-new solo category to be offered at our events from September 2019

We will announce in advance a selected music track for each age group. Dancers can perform their OWN choice of choreography which should be based on the fundamentals of Cheerdance but may also be influenced by other dance styles such as Street, Jazz, Latin American etc.

Please see below rules for entering cheer fusion solos

  • Please refer to individual competition sheets for details on how many events a dancer may enter on each competition day (this depends on what other events they might wish to enter)
  • No gymnastics or stunts are allowed.  Dancers are not permitted to perform seated choreography during the Cheer Fusion solo section. (Kneeling and crouching permitted) Please consider the safety of the other competitors on the dance floor when selecting choreography.
  • Dancers must compete in the correct age category and proof of age should be available if required.
  • Our qualified scrutineer will use the ‘skating system’ to analyse the adjudicators marks. Six dancers will be selected from preliminary rounds into a final round. All finalists will be presented with a trophy at our prize presentation. Occasionally you may see 5, 7 or 8 dancers in a final. This is sometimes the outcome when using this form of marks analysis.
  • The adjudicators decision will be final
  • First names and dance schools of all competition finalists will be announced during the prize presentation. Should this be a problem for any individual, please speak to your dance teacher who can request that we do not announce the name
  • First names and dance schools of all of competition finalists will be published on our website. Should this be a problem for any individual, please speak to your dance teacher who can request that we do not publish the dancers name.
  • Qualified dance teachers may enter the cheer fusion solo events



5 Years & Under and 6/7 Years
Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars

8/9 Years
Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

10/11 Years
Low – Flo Rida

12/13 Years
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

14 Years & Over
Church – T Pain (Clean Version!)

You Make My Dreams – Daryll Hall & John Oates