Blackpool 2nd & 3rd November 2019

Venue Information
Please use the Bank Hey Street entrance on both days (the one facing Primark.)

Blackpool Tower operate a strict policy on public not taking own food/drink into the Ballroom and will conduct bag searches at a check point between the main entrance and the Ballroom entrance. They will allow a 1 x 500ml bottle of water per person to be brought in. For any medical conditions that require own food to be brought, please contact the Tower directly who will make arrangements for this to be permitted.


Wristband Information
Please remember to bring your wristbands and have them securely fastened on your wrist ready for our door staff to check. Any lost or damaged bands will not be replaced.

Wristbands will be available to purchase on the door priced £20 for 1-day & £25 for 2-days.

If you have an unused 1-day wristband that you would like to upgrade to a 2-day wristband, this can be arranged with our door staff. The cost is £6.50 to upgrade.


Saturday Timetable

5.30pm – Bank Hey Street entrance open

6.00pm – Ballroom doors open & warm up music for Set Solos, Cheer Fusion Solos & Pairs events

6.20pm – Announcements & Adjudicator Introduction


15/under set solo & cheer fusion solo first round

15/under set solo & cheer fusion solo recalls & finals

15/under pairs

15/under solo & pairs presentation


Approx 8.15pm

Short warm up for set solos, cheer fusion solos & pairs

16/over and parents set solo & cheer fusion solo first round

16/over and parents set solo & cheer fusion solo recalls & finals

16/over pairs

16/over solo & pairs presentation


Approx 9.30pm

Short warm up for squads

All squads events

Approx 11pm – Presentation of squads


Sunday Timetable

Bank Hey Street entrance open from 7.30am

Ballroom Doors open from 8.00am (30 mins sooner than originally advertised)

8.20am Announcements & Adjudicator Introduction

8.30am – Section 1A – 6 & 7 years

10.45am – Section 1B – 5 years & under (plus parents solo 1-3)

12.15pm – Section 2 – 8 & 9 years (plus parents solo 4, solo 5, cheer fusion solo & squads)

3.15pm – Section 3 – 10 & 11 years

6.15pm – Section 4 – 12 & 13 years (plus parents solo 1-3)

Estimated finish 9pm

The above timetable has been calculated based on previous events. We are going to be trialling a new system where we message the recall numbers directly to teachers prior to us calling them out which should speed up the recall process. This will hopefully keep us running slightly earlier than the advertised times so please be ready to dance from 30 minutes prior to the start time given. Our aim is to finish closer to 8pm if possible.


Each of the listed sections will run as follows

  • Warm up music for set solos, cheer fusion solos & pairs
  • Set Solo & Cheer Fusion Solo First Rounds
  • Set Solo & Cheer Fusion Solo Recalls & Finals
  • Pairs events
  • Short warm up music for squads
  • Squad events
  • Presentation of section


Event Information

As many of you will know, once our entries have been received and processed, we often adapt the programme slightly to best cater for everyone taking part. Please note the following

  • Quite a few of our combined age groups have been subdivided i.e. 14/15 years might run as a separate 14 years and 15 years competition if there is a high entry number. So please listen carefully for the age groups being announced as it might differ slightly to what was advertised on the original programme.
  • We do not have any entries in the 7/under additional needs, 10/11 additional needs and the 12/13 additional needs so these have been taken off the programme unless we hear otherwise.
  • Parents competing on Sunday – set solo 4 & 5 and cheer fusion solo – with there not being as many entries, we will just be running one of each these events and it will be done in section 2. (This is to avoid anyone having to do a solo demo!)


Help us to help you!

There are many ways that dancers and parents can help us to keep the event timetable running smoothly.

  • Please remember to observe our strict video policy. You may film your own child for the solo & pairs section. For the squad section it is ONE person nominated by the squad teacher to film from the stage only.
  • Please listen carefully to the event sections being called. We will do our best to give advanced notice of what is coming up.
  • Please encourage dancers that when they come on to the floor for their solo/pairs events, that they move back and space well so that the adjudicators can have a clear view of everyone.
  • If we anticipate that a solo event is going to be busy, we might ask dancers to come on to the floor in 2 heats to give them more space. If this is the case, the heat split will be as follows

HEAT 1 – dancers with surname starting with A-J

HEAT 2 – dancers with surname starting with K-Z

This won’t happen very much but please practise your alphabet in case it does!

  • Recall numbers for solos and pairs will only be read out by the compere ONCE. If you are in any doubt whether or not your number was called, please come forward and stand in front of the stage facing the compere who will be able to quickly check and confirm if you have been recalled.
  • Please make an effort to keep all aisles and gangways clear so that dancers waiting at the back for their recall can get to the dancefloor quickly and easily.
  • During solo events, we find that those seated on the upper balconies come down to the ground floor so that they are closer to the dance floor. Could we kindly ask that only dancers taking part in that particular section sit on the side of the floor and for all other dancers to keep off the dance floor so that the side of the floor doesn’t get too congested.



Cheerdance UK Merchandise – T shirts, hoodies, leggings, joggers, bags, flasks, teddies etc. Lots of fantastic Christmas gift ideas.
Come and see Maria & Jess at the stall which will be located on the ground floor of the Ballroom. Cash and card payments welcome

Simon Williams Photography
Visit Simon and Mandy for your professional event portrait. They will be located on the ground floor of the Ballroom, through the double doors if you are facing the stage on the right-hand side.

Quintessential Me – Ladies’ Handbag Stall
Saturday evening only!
Come and meet Vanessa and take a look at this fabulous range of ladies’ handbags. Perfect for Christmas presents or just a little treat for yourself.
Price range – £12.00-£25.00- Cash payments only
Limited stock available


First Aid
The first aid team will be available in the Ballroom throughout the competition should you require assistance. They will be based to the right-hand side of the steps leading up to the stage.


Supervision of Children
Please can we remind parents that you are responsible for the supervision of your children whilst at the competition. They must be with you at all times.


That’s everything for now! If you have any further queries, please direct these to your teacher who will either answer them or contact us to check. It would be appreciated if dancers/parents didn’t contact us directly

Safe travels everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the weekend